Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heathers star block .... completed!

Well, I have been very tired the last week or two so have not gotten too much done. Finally got in gear and got lots of things done today... including Heathers block. A bunch of us are each doing a block in red, white and blue and sending it off to Moneik who will assemble and quilt it. Now I just need to get to the post office and mail it off.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A second quilt completed!

Here is a picture of the quilt that I FMQ'd on Sunday and finished the binding on Tuesday night. It also has been 'christened' by Aidan... before the binding was finished. DH had him on the couch between us and he rolled over to his belly and spit up on it. I didn't have enough of the blue fabric for the binding since this was a true scrap quilt from stash, so I used the leftover green, pink and blue for a colorful binding.
It has been a busy week and I can't believe it is Friday already. This weekend I hope to finish another quilt (guess I need to throw the black kitty fabric into the wash since that is the backing for the 'chaos' quilt ) and would love to get DH's quilt pinned so I can start hand quilting that next week. I still have no clue as to what pattern I should quilt.... Any ideas?

Monday, July 21, 2008

A fully completed quilt!!!

I got lots of sewing time in this weekend (around 10 hours!) and finally got to play with the free motion quilting. Aidan's puppy quilt is quilted, bound and in use on the floor already... and has been cristened with baby spitup. I also pinned and quilted another baby quilt yesterday and got that quilted. I just need to finish the binding and put that on. Now that I have overcome my fears of FMQ, I have a feeling I will be finishing lots of those quilt tops I have sitting in my closet this year! Here is a picture of Aidan's puppy quilt with a closeup of the quilting in the second photo.

I hope to get the binding onto the second quilt today... but have a list of chores to do today with a few errands to run so may not get to that until tonight.
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Aidan was a good boy at the gym and only got fussy about the time I went in to get him! We'll try it again this afternoon. Going to lunch with a friend today and then will hit a store or two while we are out before heading to the gym this afternoon. They close the play area for kids between 2-3, so I'll plan to get there for 3.... which will get me home about 5ish since the gym is 30 minutes from home. Stir fry for dinner tonight so that should be pretty quick to do and the wok should not heat up the kitchen too much. I did get about 20 minutes of sewing in yesterday and started FMQ on Aidan's puppy quilt.....the front looks ok but the back.... well, I guess I need more practice. I debated pulling it out, but since I am using warm and natural batting and figure this will get spit up on a lot I think I'll leave it and just consider it a 'practice' quilt. Hopefully the end stitches will look better than the beginning! Ok, need to get dressed and get the watering done before it gets too hot. Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, I did get about 4 hours of sewing in Saturday since Aidan must be going through a growth spurt and slept most of the day. I managed to cut and sew 5 curtain valances for the living room and sewing room. I still need to work on quilting Aidan's quilt and baste hubby's so I can start hand quilting that one. Those are this weeks tasks.... and I also need to do 2 more valances for the den. I got the green fabric for that yesterday at Joanns. Here is a picture of one of the curtains in the living room...
it is the Legacy line at Joanns... a blue on blue flowered swirl. It really lightens up the living room since I took the long dark blue drapes down for the summer.

Now a quick check in blogland to see how the 'challenges' are coming along then it will be time to shower and give Aidan a bath so we can get going. Today we'll attempt the gym this morning... hopefully he does better today. Thursday they had to come get me TWICE! He is never usually a problem for them... they always comment he is such a laid back happy baby. We'll see how he does.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give away.....

Nope, not me but check out John at QuiltDad. He made some beautiful bags that he is giving away with goodies. Today is the last day to leave a comment before he pulls the numbers.

Finally got a break in the weather and the humid and hot weather is gone for now. It just gets too hot for me to want to do anything ..... I think we may need to think about getting an A/C for the downstairs if I am going to be home in the summer since I really can not stand the heat. Thank goodness it doesn't get that way too often. Have to hit the gym today and then 'hope' to cut and begin sewing some valances for the living room during Aidan's nap this afternoon.... of course I also need to weed the neglected flower beds and the garden..... it will be a busy day so I best get dressed and get started! Have a great day everyone.
Oh - here is a picture of Aidan this morning - he finally smiles for my camera.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Machine quilting!

Well, I finally tried it and this is the result. Not great, but I think it is pretty good for a first try!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Top completed!!!!!

I finally got all the borders onto the quilt and the top is completed, despite the 'help' from Maxie!
Now my plan is to hand quilt it (67x89) and I hope to have it completed for Christmas. We'll see how I do. I sewed two placemats yesterday out of the blueberry fabric I got at the VQF....and forgot how to layer for the quick turn method so had to rip all the seams out of one and redo it. Closed them up last night and just need to 'play' with some free motion quilting....will wait until later tonight for that and hopefully it cools down a bit so I can put a fan in the window and cool it down to a comfortable level in the sewing room. After that, I really need to quilt a couple of Aidan's quilts since he is rolling over and will start creeping soon. Better to spit up on them than the carpeting....
I hit Joanns sale today and got a 40 yard roll of the warm and natural batting. It was such a good price with the extra 10% off. I figured it would last me a while and it won't go to waste.
So far, 5 hours of 'crafting' this month!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nothing quilty...

Aidan and I went out to my parents camp yesterday and he had his first pontoon boat ride! It was so exciting..... he fell asleep and had a good 30 minute nap on the boat! It was a beautiful sunny summer day. Not too hot, and not too cold. Perfect weather. He got a little overtired last night so Daddy got to bring him for a quick car ride to get him to sleep.
Today - lots of errands to run and I really need to go outside and water the wildflower seeds and care for some of the flowers that need dead heading. Then it is gym time, drug store, groceries and a Costco trip to pick up things for the 4th of July celebrations on Friday. We'll be going out to camp with the rest of my family and some of my sisters friends. It will be a house full... probably close to 25-30 people. I will enjoy the time out there but will be very happy to get home Friday night to a 'quiet' house.
No real plans for the weekend other than working outside in the gardens to weed and maybe add some new plants for color. My goal is to try and sew or do something in the craft room for 30 minutes a day.... we'll see how I do! I am inspired by the JJM challenge that is going on in July. It will be interesting to see all that they get done this month.
Ok, off to shower while Aidan is napping so I can get going this morning.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!