Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Aidan was a good boy at the gym and only got fussy about the time I went in to get him! We'll try it again this afternoon. Going to lunch with a friend today and then will hit a store or two while we are out before heading to the gym this afternoon. They close the play area for kids between 2-3, so I'll plan to get there for 3.... which will get me home about 5ish since the gym is 30 minutes from home. Stir fry for dinner tonight so that should be pretty quick to do and the wok should not heat up the kitchen too much. I did get about 20 minutes of sewing in yesterday and started FMQ on Aidan's puppy quilt.....the front looks ok but the back.... well, I guess I need more practice. I debated pulling it out, but since I am using warm and natural batting and figure this will get spit up on a lot I think I'll leave it and just consider it a 'practice' quilt. Hopefully the end stitches will look better than the beginning! Ok, need to get dressed and get the watering done before it gets too hot. Have a great day everyone.

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