Friday, June 21, 2024

RSC Chickens


I did manage to sew together some blue chickens this week. They were happy to join the flock. I still need to pick out some blues for the Arkansas Traveller blocks and the string of beads blocks. I'm not sure the AT blocks will get done, but I should be able to prep the beads blocks as a hand work project for my trip up to VT. I suppose I should pack Saturday, as we are leaving on Sunday morning. 
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Thursday, June 20, 2024

A day off

 Not much to show for it though. I did pull and cut fabrics for 4 blue chicken blocks.... but they are not sewn yet.

We did a late lunch out at Pig and Cattle with Grandma yesterday. Lots of chatting before the kids and I head north this weekend for a few weeks. The car got a drive through the car wash and wipe down inside and vacuum so it is clean for the trip. The navigation system also got updated... so now I will be on a road instead of it thinking I was driving through a field on the new roads near us! I got all the yarn untangled and placed into a new container. A phone call with my Mom and Dad - and reminding them they have a ceiling fan in the living room they should probably dust off and turn on since it was getting hot in the house. It was hotter in VT yesterday than in FL!

I got some stitches added to the sashing in the cat and mouse quilt. I need to actually pack my go to bag today with my hand work projects I am taking with me and their patterns. Emily has horses today at noon. I need to run a few errands and will head over and check in on my FIL in rehab to see how he is doing. I hope to get my chicken blocks completed, and the AT block fabrics picked out and cut today.  We will see how I do!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Mid week check in

 I have today off from work! I still got up early and walked the Dog before it got too hot and before the rain started. He was a happy camper.

Yesterday, FIL was released from the hospital. They told him originally to home.... we had to question that and once the nurse looked at his last PT from Sunday... before his surgery, she helped us get him to realize he needed to go back to rehab. No way he can deal with the catheter or have the strength to care for himself properly yet. We were able to get him in one a little closer to us and it is really nice. Hopefully after he does PT and OT today he will realize it was the correct choice. He is not a happy camper but that is life. I might have been the bad guy in the mix with the help of the nurses and care team there.

I was able to get a little hand quilting in last night while watching the Oilers win (the boy was oh so happy as he picked them as his team the beginning of the season to win the cup!) We will see as they are down in the series.  

I just realized I have the leaves going different directions... so I guess it will be a mix and not consistent in the sashing =). I am using my needle minder for the circle in the cornerstones. A leaf shape for the sashing. Stick chalk for marking.

I ordered new ink for the printer in my office, so now I can print out the heart designs from Melissa at Pinker n Pinkin Quilting and Stitching for some hand work to take with me up north. I know, I'm going to pack 100 projects and we will see if I actually work on any of them! We are heading out Sunday morning, so I still have time to add more projects to the go-to bag! It helps we are driving... so I have plenty of room in the car =). We are slated to return home July 10... as I have an appointment scheduled July 11. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Fathers Day

Another crazy week around here. First off - wishing a Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there. Including my hubby Greg, my FIL Tom and my Dad Andy. Very thankful to all of you.

Tom, Aidan and Greg maybe 9 years ago?

My Dad and me last year on the boat in Vermont.

Tom was released from Rehab on Tuesday. Greg's arthritis in his back has been flaring this week but he did manage to go over and get him settled in at home on Tuesday. I gave him a call on Thursday to check on him, but he didn't pick up, so I left a message and called my Mom. He called back while on the phone with my Mom. He was in pain and asked Greg to call his Urologist. The soonest he could get in was Tuesday, but he said if the pain was that bad go to the ER. He asked to go to the ER. No way could Greg do the waiting in those chairs, so I grabbed some things into a busy bag and water and went to pick him up and bring him to the ER. We got there around 2PM. We finally got into an ER room around 6PM..... around 8:30, they decided to admit him. Big kidney stone in the right and small one in the left. His pain indicated left, but I'm wondering if the right is the real issue? We knew he had the stones from his last hospital stay in April, but since it was not bothering, they didn't want to operate. It was 88 degrees when I left the hospital at 8:30 to head home. When I got home around 9:30, the dog was oh so happy I was finally home! The kids indicated, you were gone for a long time. Yup. We headed over Friday afternoon after I was done working and no news as they were still waiting for the Urologist to consult (3:30 in the afternoon!).  Saturday, Emily and I were invited to hang out with her riding partner on a Pontoon boat for the day near the springs about an hour north of us for an early birthday celebration. It was hot (car temp hit 100 on the way home in the late afternoon) but a nice day on the water. I'll head over today and see if there is any new on Tom. They are keeping him as comfortable as they can with the pain until they decide what to do. I assume it is a bit to wean off blood thinners before any surgery can happen. So, it is a wait and see on that front. Poor guy was only home for 2 days before landing in the hospital again. Sigh.
Aidan is heading to Grandma's for the day but he doesn't want to drive, so I'll go pick him up later. I need to get some supplies so Emily can make Greg cookies as his requested present. 

I am thinking ahead for what to bring with me for handwork for my trip with the kids up to Vermont. I have these EPP for the Brimfield Awakening blocks. I need to make more of the shapes so I can play and see how I will have these end up. I am using some charm packs I got from Craftsy before they stopped selling on there.

Before I got the call on Thursday, Emily was asking about yarn. I had mentioned I was going to bring up some wool yarn and gift it to my niece to make a sweater that I never ended up making. I thought it was green, turns out it is a pretty teal. Then she was asking about yarn, so I kept pulling it out from different bags and containers from all over the room. Emily pulled out her knitting project and started it again with a proper pearl stitch. She plans to work on her afghan in the car on the ride up. She was eyeing other yarns and mentioned socks. I pulled my one blue completed knee sock and found some other sock yarn. I even pulled a book of sock knitting patterns and she expressed some interest. So, some yarns will be heading up to Vermont as well. I will try and gather all the yarns and combine them into one container in the sewing room. Mom likes the crochet tops on hand towels for the kitchen, so I'll be making a bunch to resupply her kitchens.

The dog has been walked, the pool has been cleaned and shocked, the chickens have been fed. Time to grab a few groceries and then the audiobooks will be playing on my phone as I drive all over the place. I'm listening to a Lynn Cahoon mystery series that is free on my Audible.  I should be able to get a few stitches in here and there. I also did watch the new Bridgerton release on Netflix Friday night. Note to self, go to bed before 1AM when you need to be up by 7AM the next morning!

Not much progress on the cat and mouse quilt.... but a few strands were added this week.

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Saturday, June 8, 2024

RSC in blue

 I'm working on a blue and white UFO this month. It should make it to a top stage. We will see if it gets quilted as well. These are Ella Maria Deacon blocks from 2019 sew along with Sentimental Stitches. I made 26 blocks by hand and 25 will be in the top. I'm working on sewing the long sashing strips and adding the corner triangles this weekend. I do love how it is looking. 

I've had 60 degree triangles on my list of 'to make someday' and Jocelyn at Canadian Needle Nana reminded me of that with her pretty quilt Panama Pyramids. I need to make 2 more of each of these to do the design I want. I actually pulled leftover binding strips 2.5 inches to make these and did them on the machine. They could easily be a hand work project as well. I'll be using these as leaders and enders while I am working on the above quilt.

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Lots of the country is in a heat wave, so please be careful. Drink plenty of liquids, with electrolytes and stay in the AC or cooling areas as much as you can. Emily is helping at horses this afternoon for a girl scout troop earning their horsemanship badge. Thank goodness there is a covered area of the arena and fans. The car read 98 and feels like 105 F. Way too hot! 

Friday, June 7, 2024


Things were scheduled. Aidan had an appointment at 9:50 and the AC guy for the mid year service cleaning was 12-2 arrival time. Greg scheduled his Dad's car at the dealership for 10. I took Aidan to his appointment and then got a call from the AC guy - on his way. What? The appointment was only 5 minutes away, thank goodness. I headed home and got the AC guy started. Aidan had to wait a bit there, until Greg got home and I could go get him. Crazy morning. Since that was done, I headed over with Greg to see his Dad in rehab. Good news, he is being released next week. 

Mid afternoon, and I decided dinner was leftovers. That gave me time to go play in the sewing room for a bit. Anyone else manage to swap blocks around when sewing rows together? These blocks got the applique ones trimmed to 9. 5 inches. Some were a tad small, but I made it work. I found the calculator online for the size to make the setting triangles.

I added some sashing strips and then the setting triangles. I think I will go with a long plain sashing between all the rows and add the corner triangles. We will see if a blue border gets added after that. I think so, but we will see. 

I hope to make some more progress on this one tomorrow afternoon.

A video of the girls. I've been hanging some lettuce in their cage. It is so funny to watch them jump.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024


 Trying a new recipe tonight. This is one that Emily sent me a while ago and her friend Jasilynn recommends it. It is Ropa Vieja and I went to Sam's to pick up a chuck roast on Monday night just for this meal. I had to pop out at lunch to grab onions and peppers for it. I might have taken a little longer lunch... but I did get my 5 hours in at work today still! I have it in the oven cooking this afternoon and the house does smell nice. Since it is a Cuban inspired meal, we'll have rice and black beans with it and a salad. Who am I kidding, I'm the only one that would eat the salad! Maybe I'll pop out and get a pedicure and pick up some Cuban bread and plantains for a side instead. The pedicure was wonderful and the hands got a paraffin wax treatment. So soft now. I only picked up the Cuban bread at the store. The rice is in the quick cooker and this is bubbling down. I didn't add the roasted red peppers and pimento's as I didn't have them. I did add the olives and capers. It is yummy.

I got a little quilting in on the last cat last night while watching the last few episodes of Derry Girls. It should finish off tonight. I also decided on what to do in the sashing and cornerstones. I found a little leaf shape in one of my containers and 4 of them will play nicely in the sashing and one in the cornerstones. Sometimes deciding on the motif is the hardest part!

The girls got over whatever had them not laying for a couple of weeks. I think it was the noise as they were building a house diagonal to us. We got 4 eggs yesterday and 4 so far today. I think one snuck in from the previous day... as the rack for the eggs on the shelf is full! Might it be time to make another ice cream custard? We will see.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

RSC in blues for June

I'd like to get another quilt finished off so I went and looked at my Spring UFO list and saw my Ella Maria Deacon blocks in blue from a 2019 sew along with Sentimental Stitches. The challenge was to figure out where they were hiding! I managed to find it in the 4th box I checked. Not too bad!
While digging, I found all the printouts for the 1857 quilt along - that one is a pretty purple and green top waiting on quilting. I also found this pretty extra blue dresden block. It is not a watermelon, but I think I'll finish it off this month for the TSC entry. 

I was pulling out blocks and laid them out. I noticed that there was a block under that light blue one on the bottom row so swapped out one in the top row.

That was a heck of a block to piece so it must be added.

With one off to the side..... I realized I have 25 blocks - so 5 rows of 5! I didn't need to add any more blocks. Yea! I had hand pieced each of these blocks and then got waylaid on the project and it got put aside. There were a lot more blocks, but I'm stopping at 25 and will finish it off. Now to make some decisions. Sigh.

Sashing's and cornerstones? Try and set it on an angle, I do have one extra block? Not all are the same exact size, so it will be a little fudging as I sew them into a top. I'll let it sit for a day and we will see if any of the blocks want to be in a different spot or not. I'll tackle the sewing into a top Wednesday and Thursday.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Table Scraps challenge


Well, technically this is not finished but I'm going to link up to the challenge anyway! For the challenge of the Kentucky Derby, I immediately thought of a horseshoe. I traced one that I have in the house and got it hand appliqued down. I will finish it off into a mug rug, but it will not happen tonight. Linking up with Joy and the challenge.

Update 6/3 and it got finished!


 I got 2 more cats hand quilted this week and I'm on the last one - the top middle one gets the curves. I do like how this one is coming along. 

I didn't mark these as you can tell, the lines are not very straight but I've had cats with unique markings, so I'm going with that theory!
This one got done last night while watching the movie Back to the Future.

The other hand work this week was hand stitching the binding down on the Split nines quilt.

I'll be doing a little hand work on my Pink, Kentucky Derby Table Scraps Challenge entry. It will be a grey horseshoe appliqued onto a pink background. Some simple hand quilting around it and then a little binding for a quick mug rug. We will see how I do!

Emily wants to try adding long layers in her hair to take off some of the weight to see if that helps with her headaches. I also have buttermilk and orange juice that need to get used. I think the buttermilk will become some waffles for the freezer- regular and chocolate. The orange juice might become an orange bundt cake.  Maybe orange chicken? We will see. I'm not an orange juice drinker but needed it for the carnita recipe. 

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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Split nines is finished!


Split nines was made with 2.5 inch squares each month in a color from the RSC and finishes at 48x54. Simple blue binding from the cut off backing and it is done. I was too lazy to piece a few of the celestial backing parts together, so cut into some blue floral print backing instead. 
This guy got finished off last night and my off center photo was taken this morning before it hit melting stage outside.

We headed over to visit my FIL this morning and caught him while he was at Rehab. After a little visit when he was back in his room, we checked the house. With my new to me car, I backed it out of the driveway and onto the lawn/road and jumped out to close the garage door and check the mail. It is a good thing I tried the door to the vehicle before Greg pulled away with his Dad's car as I was locked out with the car running! Sigh. We had to pop home to get the extra key and then drive back. Got there... and the key fob needs a battery@$#!$#@. Hubby played with it and if you push a little button and pull, out pops a hidden key for the door! Who knew? We got into the car, and I was able to continue with my day. I gassed it up (we live 45 minutes away!) and hit Joann's as my reward. I needed fabrics for a baby boy quilt for my niece who is due in July. No clue what to make... I had planes and trucks in my cart... then found the Kona on sale. Picked some basic colors... then back to the fabric aisle. I opted for dinosaurs and changed out a few of the solids for different tones. I'll come up with something. I'm thinking of surrounding a square of dinosaur fabric with the various solids but could change my mind. We will see what happens.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Holiday Monday

 I managed to get the quilting done on this split nine patch and a binding made and attached to the front. I'll work on hand stitching that to the back this week. The quilt is 48x54.

I looked over last night and saw this..... 

Bear had curled up on the couch with a pillow and his quilt. Silly boy.

Grandma is coming over for brats and burgers on the grill. I made a potato salad last night. She is going to bring her dog Scruffy. Scruffy has not been here since we got Bear, but he did go there once and they got along well. We will see how they do. 

Sunday, May 26, 2024


Yesterday I finally decided on a backing for the split nines quilt. I cut it and the batting and did a little pinning. I decided to try a pre-programmed stitch on my machine and got 2 lines done before the needle broke. That told me to turn off the light and call it a day. I'll head back in soon and see if I can get this completed this afternoon.

I did get some hand quilting in on this cat while the F1 race was on this morning. I just need to outline the white part and then I'll have 2 cats left. Two grocery runs were completed, and meals planned for the next few days. 

These two like to curl up together. Emily decided to 'help' me and totally cleaned the master bedroom. Dusting, vacuuming and moved the furniture to vacuum under and behind it. There was a lot of cat hair as that is their territory. It was so nice to sleep in there last night. 

I've got a few hours until I need to make the sauce for the chicken to go on the grill. We call it the Weatherby sauce - from Enosburgh Falls Vermont. It is basically just butter, margarine, vinegar, water and salt. Sounds weird but oh so yummy! Great on bone in skin on chicken cooked on the grill. I have great memories of Dad manning the grill with a maxwell house glass container with holes poked in the top to hold this sauce that is boiled and then put on the chicken whenever you turn it on the grill. 
I should have some time to put in a new needle on the machine and see if I can make some progress on the split nines.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another cat done....


This cat was completed last night, and I moved onto the next one. It is just outlined so far, but every length of thread counts.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 I pulled out the cats again and got this pretty one done last night. The finger does not hurt at all today, so that is good news. Other good news is Aidan and I watched the first 2 periods of the Oilers hockey game last night. He has been rooting for the Oilers the last year or 2 and was so happy to see them advance to the next round. 

The age old question of what is for dinner? Emily was 'bored' in her last period class yesterday and kept blowing up my phone with recipe links! She did not like when I mentioned it sounded like she was in charge of dinners this summer! 

Last night was Veggie Lo Mein - listed under my recipe tab at the bottom of the page.
Tonight - Aidan has asked if we had Carnita meat in the freezer last week. Nope, I was out so I picked a pork shoulder up on sale yesterday and it is in the crock pot today for dinner tonight. Recipe link is on the Recipe tab page.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Hand quilting.

The girl got a wee bit overheated at the picnic yesterday. Thankfully lots of sleep and liquids had her feeling better this morning. Off to school she went. The humid summer temps have arrived. =(. Thank goodness for AC!

 Instead of cleaning the house yesterday, I cleaned in the kitchen and then decided to bake a bit and mess it up again! In my defense, 3 bananas were overripe, so they became banana bread. Then, I had eggs to use, and quick breakfasts are nice to have .... so, I pulled my individual pie pan (6 mini pie pan) and sprayed it with Pam. Then I cut up a scallion, some baby peppers that needed using and some deli ham. I shredded a little mozzarella cheese and then put a little of each into all 6 areas. 5 eggs and a little half and half with salt and pepper got mixed and then poured into the tin. I baked it at 375 for 15-20 minutes and they were the cutest things! I had one last night for dinner and one this morning. Yummy and a quick and easy breakfast. I really need to play with this pan and try some little pies. I'll have to check out the Pampered Chef recipes page for those. I'm thinking little blueberry pies. Yummy.

After all that, I got lazy and was listening to an audio book while I did some hand quilting. It appears if you don't work on something, it really does not progress at all! So, I finally finished up one cat and did another yesterday. I can feel my right middle finger as I guess that is the one I push the needle with! I have not quilted in a while and I lost my callus, so I'll have to work on building that back up. I have 6 of the 12 cats quilted. I need to figure out the sashing and then start in on those. I noticed a few mice need to have their applique 'fixed' as well. I think my goal is to get this one completed by the end of the summer. It will probably travel up to VT with me this summer. Note to self, use the glasses I picked up from CVS to help thread the needle!

It should be a fairly quiet last week of school. Emily is late Thursday for Graduation band practice and Graduation is Saturday early. A few tests still for both kids and then they are off for the summer. I have seen Emily's summer homework but Aidan has not shared his yet. 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

RSC Arkansas Traveller blocks all caught up!

 I managed to finish off the pink and yellow AT blocks this afternoon. Well, technically I still have some parts for a 4th yellow, but I forgot I had a pink started and only cut out 4 of the 5 background parts needed. 

This morning the girl had horses (89 degrees, feels like 100 and was muggy) and it was bareback riding day. Both girls managed to walk, trot and canter after lots of fussing and 'I'm going to fall off'. Neither fell. This is Henry the barn cat. He is a feral cat that has been fixed and lives on the barn property. He kept an eye on the girls. After their lesson, they went out to the grassy fields and he followed them as they were wandering around both areas.  

Tonight is the band banquet. I need to pop out and grab some cookies for the pot luck dinner. Tomorrow is a picnic for the end of year GEMS girl scout planning committee. I will make some sugar cookies for that one, which means time to check the butter for softness and get that dough made so it can chill. Worst case, I'll buy cookies for that one as well! 
I'll link up to the RSC and hopefully will be able to visit some links later tonight.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Stormy day

 Another stormy day for us. Lots of rain, but we have not had any for a long while, so it is a good thing.

I managed to finish one AT block and almost done another. I need to unpick the final seam and try it again for a better shot at a middle join.

This one is good.
This one is not!

The kids both got invited to their end of year academic awards ceremony last night. Both got recognized (with a whole slew of other kids!) for 4.0 or higher GPA non weighted. Emily got her academic letter and Aidan got a pin to add to the one he got last year. They clean up pretty nice! Notice how much taller he is than her with that blue sign! We stopped at Cracker barrel for dinner on the way home.

The blueberry place is opening tomorrow for one last day of picking and I think I'll go and get a few more. We have been eating them fresh and I am almost out from the last picking. They are going in my overnight oats for breakfast.


Monday, May 13, 2024


 I did a little in the sewing room last week but not as much as I hoped. I did pick fabrics for the Arkansas Traveller blocks. I got one pink one almost done before I had to head to horses on Thursday. I never made it back into the sewing area! 

It seems to take the longest time to pick the fabrics! I picked these for the next two pinks. I got 4 sets of the yellow. I need to cut some more of the background parts for the last 5 and then I can stitch them up hopefully this Thursday.

This pretty rose is in bloom out back.

Thursday was my annual checkup after riding. Since I still have a bit of my cold I asked and she said I still have thrush, so got some meds for that. I don't know if it was that or something I was exposed to at the doctors office, but Saturday I woke up not well, and proceeded to go back to bed and slept all day long. I felt a bit better Sunday and was able to eat a bit but took it easy. I guess all the running caught up to me?
Bear was so happy to get his walk this morning.
Hopefully I can resume my normal schedule..... last 2 weeks of school for the kids.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

A relaxing Sunday.

 I was able to finally relax with some hand quilting this week and it felt so good! I finally finished off the quilting in the dark blue cat and moved onto this teal one. It appears I am doing circles/fans or straight lines in alternate cats on this one. 

On the last day of April - was the anniversary of us adding Bear to the family 2 years ago. He was a shelter rescue and has fit in well to his family. I got him this duck toy that arrived yesterday. He was so funny when he saw it this morning in the living room - tail wagging happy dog.

It is still blueberry season in Florida, and I got up early yesterday and went and picked a little under 4 pounds. They have one more week. I hope to go next Saturday as well... since the girl and I seem to be grabbing a handful every time we go past the kitchen. I looked at the sign and they are $4.50 a pound for self pick. After running all day yesterday, I am looking forward to puttering around at home today.

Now to enjoy the yogurt scones that just came out of the oven with a few berries on top!

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