Friday, April 9, 2010

My baby is 1!

A few days late but my baby girl turned 1 year old on Wednesday! Time has flown right by. She had her well baby visit yesterday and got her shots and an overall thumbs up from the Doctor. She sure has a good set of lungs when she got the shots but quieted right down when the Doctor got her a lolly pop. She decided she liked the orange one! She's as tall as her brother was at his 1 year appt at 29.5 inches but she is a lot less weight at 20 pounds 12 ounces. Not bad for a walking terror that she is.

Last Tuesday I was able to get MY quilt quilted. I made the binding over the weekend and hope to pop it on the quilt in a little bit. Here is a picture of the quilt and some of the quilting.

They both were sleeping at the same time yesterday for a little bit, so I started cutting out fabrics for this little wall hanging.

I am going to hand quilt this one. I really enjoy hand sewing down the bindings so this will be my first attempt at hand quilting something. This will just be a wall hanging for my house, so I'm not too concerned if it looks like my first hand quilting attempt. We all have to start somewhere I guess! I figure I need to get back to doing something in front of the tv at night since the kids both go to bed at a reasonable 8PM. I'll do some quilting and some knitting or crochet to keep my hands busy.
This weekend is the quilt show! I'm working it on Saturday but will bring my camera and get a few pictures to share.
Happy quilting everyone.