Monday, December 6, 2010

Midget Block #4 Completed.....

I got some sewing time this weekend after making my 41 Christmas cards. I just need to get a good picture of the monsters and then sign our names and those can go in the mail.

I was able to pin my Cardinal quilt and get the squares quilted on the machine. I just did a x through them to get it done. I'm working on the binding and should have that finished tonight and then I'll just hand quilt around the cardinals and call it finished. I'll show a picture when it's completed.

Since I had some more time while the kids were napping and I was listening to the previous nights hockey game... I got another midget block completed. This is block # 4 - Double X and went together very quickly.

Since I feel like I'm in a snow globe right now (xmas tree lights on inside and snow coming down outside), I think I'll call my MIL quickly while the kids are napping and then curl up with the last NCIS LA and the Cardinal quilt and enjoy the peace and quiet.


  1. Block 4 turned out great. Are you going in order too then? I am enjoying your fabrics.

  2. Great job on the midget blocks. I've saved them to my computer but haven't done any so far. I really love those blocks you won!

  3. Congrats on getting the cards done. And your block looks great! Way to go!