Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Croup and a sick house......

Well, the boy has the barking cough and couldn't breathe most of this weekend.... called the Doctor Saturday afternoon after his attack during a nap (had 2 the previous night) and he did a quick diagnosis on the phone, gave us some instructions and then called back in a bit and asked us to bring him to his office and he'd meet us there. The 'yucky' medicine (as Aidan calls it) worked great and my trooper of a boy took the 2 droppers of it for 3 nights without spitting it out like we thought he would. He still has a bad cough but is sleeping through the nights again with a humidifier in his room. Lets hope the girl doesn't get it bad like he did... we have the dosage amount for her just in case.

I did get the hand quilting done on the Cardinal quilt well before the guild meeting last Wednesday. I just did around the four cardinals and called it a finish.

Yesterday, I wanted to play with fabric while they napped so I put my scrappy pinwheels together. I don't want a plain border on this... thinking a scrappy 'mountain' look like on some of Judy Martin quilts. Excuse Miss Sophie's tail in the picture.

Off to get a few things done and fingers crossed that they continue to nap, maybe I can start some flying geese for my guild challenge quilt from last year.
Happy Holidays and may your quilting be finished in time!


Andrea said...

Hopefully the sickness will be long gone by the time Santa visits. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

scraphappy said...

I remember several scary nights sitting up with the croup. Hope the medicine helps and that he doesn't share his germs. Santa is coming soon and nobody wants to be sick for that! I love your scrappy pinwheels. I think a mountain border will look great.

Judy said...

I hope the croup is gone soon! No fun, been there done that.
On another note your Quilts are absolutely Beautiful!