Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Bunting is quilted....

Remind me to NEVER use the varigated  pink and green thread when quilting ever again! Oh my goodness, whenever I moved to the left it broke. I am finally done and have it squared up and the binding sewn down to the top. I have lots of thread to work in and hide and then I can finish the binding. I figured I should prep some hand work.... just in case Issac decides to cause some problems around here. I just hope we don't lose power.... I have a fully stocked upright freezer.

I just did a loop and line all around the quilt. With all the breaks I just wanted it done. I use warm and natural batting so it doesn't need a lot of quilting. Hope you were able to get some quilting time in today.


scraphappy said...

I hope that Isaac keeps heading to the west. We are feeling out of danger over here on the east coast, though the panhandle looks like it might get the worst of it. After the year of Charlie Frances and Jean we don't overly stock the freezer during hurricane season. It was just too depressing to keep throwing it all out again. Since then we've been lucky, but we watch all the same.

Cyn said...

I have my fingers crossed that nasty Isaac misses you and your freezer stuffs are safe! The last time we had a power outage of more than an hour or so, I lost everything in the freezer! Hard to recover from that... I pray it doesn't happen to you or anyone!
Love your baby bunting! So pretty. Thanks for the closeup on the line/loop quilting you did. I will have to give that a try.