Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday knitting and recap

After some grocery shopping with Miss Em and then bowling and lunch at the bowling alley (her choice!) we headed home and I finally got her down for a nap around 2PM. The boy arrived home around 4 so that gave me a little bit of time to get things done. Unfortunately, a bunch of that was picking up, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors. I did manage to get the log cabin top pinned and ready for quilting. I made binding for the log cabin and the baby quilt. Can you guess which is which in the picture? I also started on the QSBA stars since I didn't have a good span of time to start quilting. I have four of the nine done. The others are waiting in that little box. 
 A week ago I needed more dish cloths. I could not find a big ball of yarn for it but found lots of little ones....... so I got to use up some odds and ends of yarn and made this for my sink. I also made one in the green/cream variation and have another one started. I seem to be swapping my nights between knitting and hand quilting when I remember to take one of them out. I find it is helpful to have these in the living room and I can just pull them out when I have a few minutes here and there. The one below got started while supervising Em in her bath last night. I'll have to pull out the crochet hook soon too - Mom requested some more of the towels you hang over the bar on the stove and she is coming down next month. Plenty of time as those work up very quickly. Oh - showing my true Vermont colors with my favorite coffee mug this morning - Cabot cheese. My brother works there as a programmer and I've also done some consulting work for them back when I was working. I think I always have some cabot cheese in the fridge! If only I lived closer and my nieces could share all that Ben and Jerry's they get while working there this summer! Three of them work giving tours and they get 3 pints each day they work. Yup, my brothers freezer is fully stocked. 
Ok - time to get moving this morning. We have HIPPY lessons to do and then have a play date coming over around 10 for a couple of hours. Lets hope the storms hold off so they can run around outside for a bit.
Have a great Friday.


  1. I'm a crocheter and I like the scrappy ones better than the ones in one color.

    I've made simple scrubbie edgings (on the plastic scrubbies) and glass cozies and covered hangers by the hundreds. Now potholders and dishrags are making inroads into my vast stash! lol

  2. Another full day! Sounds lie you have lots planned for your evening time. It is nice to feel like all that waiting time helps accomplish something.