Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still working blue.....

But I am making some progress on Aidan's quilt. The letters are all sized and I am just adding blue to make them to size of the borders. The middle part is all sewn together finally. I was originally thinking of putting white around to frame it but I have changed my mind. I don't think it will look how I want. I prefer the blue and will just add the letters to the borders and then measure to make sure it is to size. If not, it will get a little more blue on the outside but I think it should finish 82x60. Enough for a twin bed size! Getting the borders attached will be today's project during naps.... unless I can steal some sewing time while they play!

Yesterday the boy did not take a nap but was playing with my stampin up stamps and stamp pads next to me while I was sewing up his letters. He made a very colorful page which has been put in the mail to Vermont for Grammy R.

My goals for this month (so I can check in and see how I do!). * priority
1. Finish Aidan's quilt top * DONE!
2. Prep and quilt the log cabin and send to Colorado. **
3. Make aqua pinwheel blocks * Done
4. Make aqua birds in the air blocks *
5. Make 4 or 5 midget blocks * 3 done
6. Make 1-3 Quilt Square Along Blocks (Applique from 1st batch, star, triangle) * 2 done. 
7. Make some Sow along blocks... I am way behind!
8. Piece the pineapple blossom into a top.
9. Prep and quilt some of the tops - pineapple blossom, Aidan's, Pink X
10. Hand quilt the QSAB blocks
11. Start hand quilting the fireworks quilt from last Julys RSC.
12. Finish the baby quilt top and get it quilted.  * Top is DONE

Go on over to SoScrappy's blog and see what others are working on in Aqua this month.


  1. OMGoodness, if you get all 12 items on your list done in AUG... well, we will all have to call you UFO-Queen! lol. All kidding aside, love Aiden's quilt - so cute. Love the letters.

  2. You do such a good job on letters of the alphabet. So creative!

  3. That's a hefty list... how many little children do you have? The nice thing about goals is that they help us to move in the right direction and get things done, even if we don't reach the goal (my thoughts).

  4. I guess I sound like a broken record, but the quilt looks fabulous! Such a great idea for a child's quilt!

  5. Great looking quilt. I like the look without a White boarder. The stars float so well the way you have it laid out.

  6. That is quite a lengthy list for August...very ambitious!
    Aidan's quilt is looking fabulous! Great job!