Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I got all 7 'connector' blocks done already! They are 5x5 of 2.5 inch squares and they are all done! Now I just need to connect them with the leaf blocks and see how it looks. Then it will be border decision time. I just love making progress on a project.
I've decided to work at a blue scrap quilt in the 'lady of the lake' pattern. I figure if I can do 1-2 blocks a week I should have a bunch ready to make a quilt for my parents for their bed at camp for next summer. I am thinking it might be an Anniversary present if I can get it done by June 15 next summer. I measured their bed yesterday and a 80x80 should do the trick. It is a pattern I've always loved and Mom mentioned something in blues... which I have a ton of as they are my favorite color. I got the cream this weekend, just need to wash and iron it.

Emily has been sleeping better... from 8:30-9PM until 5:45-6, so not too bad. Aidan had a touch of something again on Friday.. just as we got to the fair he fell ill. So, we were there a little over an hour and then headed home to get him to bed. They both turned this weekend - Emily was 5 months yesterday and Aidan was 19 months on Sunday. He had his 18 month doctor appt. today and he is doing great. just under 30 pounds and 34.5 inches tall!
Pictures next time I promise!
Happy quilting

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