Thursday, April 2, 2009

April and still no baby! But..... I got a quilt top completed!

I got a bit of sewing time in yesterday while Aidan was taking a nice long afternoon nap. I got my Maya Wrap sewn.

I also finished my mystery quilt top last night! This was a 2008 Fall Mystery I took at Yankee Pride. I believe it is an original patten/instructions by the owner Judy. I chose to do the batiks in blues and greens.

Other than that... just waiting for a baby to decide she is ready to arrive. I'm ready to be done being pregnant... it feels like I have been pregnant for the last years... which I pretty much have been!


Moneik said...

Your quilt looks great. Can't wait for the new little girl to arrive.

Barb said...

Sending big warm happy wishes your way ~ in hopes of a beautiful baby very very soon!

Juryizstillout said...

Turned out awesome!