Monday, May 18, 2009

Ahhhh... finally 2 kids sleeping!
I took Andrea's advise and 'petted' some fabric! I do have some in the nursery so every time I change someone's diaper I get to see it! I have a guild meeting on Wednesday but doubt I'll be going this month. Emily is fussy in the evenings so don't want to leave Daddy with 2 kids at night after working all day. Next month maybe.
My parents were able to come up Friday afternoon for a visit...and I was able to get outside and plant some of the many bulbs/flowers I had ordered. They had been sitting in the garage for 3 weeks...and really needed to get into the ground. Aidan was napping all afternoon so they were just watching Emily for me. Mom came down with shingles around the time Emily was born (wasn't that a bit of a scare since they stayed with Aidan while I was in the hospital with Emily.... thank goodness she didn't get the scabs until after she had gone home!) So... neither kid got chicken pox from it -Aidan has had one of his shots for it already- but Mom has been in lots of pain so has not been able to come visit the kids. She has it on her face/mouth... the nerve that runs from the neck to the top of the head. Very painful and the meds she is taking are not touching the pain at all. Hopefully it will go away soon, as it's been about 6 weeks already.
Since I have no sewing pictures to show... here's the kids! Miss Emily a few days ago in her bunny outfit.

Sleeping on Grammy Friday afternoon. (Aren't they cute when they are sleeping!)

Aidan laying on the floor while Daddy was tickling him yesterday.

Ok, gotta go try to get a patch of land ready for the rhubarb and asparagus that really need to get planted ASAP. Someday soon I hope to visit people's blogs and actually leave comments! Until then, happy sewing/quilting everyone!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I leave comments! Ha! You've got your hands full right now. Emily is just beautiful! You sound so happy!

Kristie said...

Such beautiful babies! I'm sure you have your hands full with two little ones!

Have a wonderful day!