Friday, April 11, 2008

A Finish!

I had made this and quilted it in December...but got the binding on yesterday! I also put some more flying geese into rows and started trimming a bunch of units that were left over from creating the Labor Day quilt from the Nickle quilt book. Those units will become a pinwheel quilt. My sewing room is the room next to the nursery, and now I know the sewing machine does not bother him during naps! Yeah!!!! Unfortunately I will be taking a nap with him today since we have been awake since 5AM.
Tomorrow is a day workshop of making stampin Up! cards...a friend of mine is a rep and she does a couple of workshops a year where you make a bunch of cards. This time it is all occasion cards....It will be a nice Mommy only day I think....that way I can get things done!
The beautiful weather of the last few days is long gone....rain for the next few days... Aidan has been a bit fussy the last few days and was running a slight fever yesterday morning. He seems better today, and is now all clean after his bath, now to get him down for his nap....
Happy quilting everyone!

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Juryizstillout said...

Wow...doing all that and with a new hat is off to you!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and your nice comment.:)