Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok, DH got home last week and looked at the blocks laid out... He said 'is it going to be square?' Duhhh moment.. I laid it out 6x6 instead of 5x7! I have all 35 blocks I need! Not too successful on my tasks but I did get some more of the flying geese sewn into strips, ironed a bunch of the 'extra' blocks created from this pattern, cut some scraps and did organize my printed out patterns. So, now I need to make those birthday cards and a ty card...since they have to go out in the mail by Wednesday.
Well, I guess I can't have caffine in the evenings, since the soda last night with dinner kept me up.. and it probably kept Aidan up - 11-2:30 last night - wide awake! A snack at 5 and then 6. Then he was awake his normal 7:30-11 this morning. I actually went back to bed at 11 and he woke me up at 1:45PM. Well, gotta go change a messy diaper and change him since he just spit up all over himself... maybe I should just go hose him off, might be easier!

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