Monday, December 21, 2020


 After way too much food yesterday and lots of fun games played, it is back to a 'normal' work week for me. Well, not quiet normal as I'll have Friday off for Christmas! 

I did get into the sewing room yesterday for a little bit and managed to cut out a little for Clue #4 and figured I'd start with one set to see how it looked.... after sewing  a bit I pulled up the photo on the compter for the clue and Oops! I sewed to the wrong sides! At least I noticed after only doing a few wrong and not all of them. I kinda like the placement of the colors on the oops... it could make a really fun building block in the future =)

Maybe I'll get a little sewing in later today.... after I go out and take a look at the Christmas start a bit after sundown tonight... and our Zoom gift exchange on girl scouts. 

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Ray and Jeanne said...

That's a neat little block! ~Jeanne