Saturday, December 19, 2020

Book Club....

 A little over halfway through the month so I figured I'd give an update on my OMG. I have all 9 blocks hand quilted and have started quilting the sashing and cornerstone blocks. 24 sashings total - and I have continued on with the outline stitching like in the blocks so it should go pretty smoothly. I hope to be attaching the binding on the last week of the year. Fingers crossed this will be all finished by December 31.

Off to try homemade mac n cheese. I think Emily will be good with it (lactose issues) since it uses cheddar and her lactaid milk! It's what's for lunch today!


Julierose said...

Very pretty; and I love those pops of pansy fabrics here and there--
hugs, Julierose


Oh--mac and cheese--and my all time favorite kind is homemade--though I never tried the lactaid milk-then it's been along time since I made any!!
the quilt is coming along swimmingly!!!
I still have mine to hand quilt--and remembered today that I have the Christmas fussy cut one-(like the one in your upper right hand corner one) yet to make into a top--the hard part is has to be done so the blocks are on point-but think I have figured out a setting plan for them--and yes I have already done on in Chmas prints and totally finished it and I sent it to the fire victim's out
Have an awesome week end--luv, and hugs, di

scraphappy said...

Your purple blocks are coming along so nicely. Best of luck getting it finished off this month. December can get a bit hectic! Hope that Em enjoyed the Mac and Cheese. Sounds perfect for a chilly day.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Book Club is looking great, Deb! I love how your quilting makes the purple pieces pop from the background. Yummy on the homemade mac n cheese! I'll have to check out the recipe.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice progress, Deb!