Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31.... already?

Wow, where did this month go? I had hoped to get my quilt square along quilt finished off this month as my UFO project...... but I am OK with the little progress I had on it. I made that initial start of QAYG and it was pretty easy. No fear in the way to finishing this one off now.  It should get finished in February since the other two big hand work projects are to a top stage now. I can concentrate on this UFO again. I plan to work on it today to finish stitching the back sashing on this set of 2 and four. Tomorrow lets me get the other 3 sets of 4 ready by machine for more hand stitching this week.
Back ready for hand stitching of the black.

Front photo of 4 and backing of 2 QAYG.
I got my midget appliqué blocks into a top last Sunday  night. This is a completely hand pieced top over the last year! I decided it needs a border with some appliqué vines in two corners with some flowers... but until I can figure out the color it will sit. Ideas on border color welcome. Binding will be yellow I believe.

I finally got my trip around the world blocks into a top last night. This baby is also all hand pieced last year and finally to a top stage. It is 90x90 and will got into the queue for hand quilting along with the above quilt.

Yesterday since Emily got her room cleaned up before the bday party her reward was sewing. She wanted to make a house block like me and picked out her colors. We really need to work on seam allowance but pretty darn good for a 6 year old on her own machine!

I think it will be playing in the soil for a bit today. I picked up some pansy to put in my front triangle bed and some geraniums to pop into pots on either side of the garage. I am also turning over the garden and replanting a bit so some tilling and prepping going on back there. I picked 2 broccoli this morning and have more ready for later in the week. Aidan has replanted some of that in his section of the garden. I added potato's in a little square of Emilys section. I think I finally have this gardening thing figured out down here in the south! Time for a quick lunch and then getting my hands dirty. Yes, I know most of you are in snowy regions.... but they are saying it might hit 80 this week! Winter in Florida - freezing last week and in the 80's this week. Crazy.

Aidan and I were playing Skip-Bo this morning and he grabbed some pretzels for a snack. I only eat them with boursin dip as pretzels are not my favorite thing. I found this recipe that is pretty close to the one I remember from up north at the craft fairs in the fall. I had all the herbs and just added a splash of worchesterire sauce at the end. I swapped fresh garlic for garlic powder. Yummy, yum yum. Good thing there are 2 bags of pretzels in the pantry (how that happened I'll never know!).

Linking up with the other slow stitchers at Kathy's Sunday Slow Stitching party. Won't you join us?


Denise :) said...

Your midget applique blocks are exquisite!!! :)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh you deserve a big pat on the back for all the slow stitching that went into your two tops! They both are so so lovely! I have never heard of that dip must be a NE thing. Sounds good though! Have fun stitching this week!

The Cozy Quilter said...

You have been busy! All of your projects and the little house block are wonderful!

a good yarn said...

Some time ago, a US friend sent me some chocolate, peanut butter covered pretzels. I didn't share. With anyone. Your quilts are so beautiful. I'm pretty sure my seams were a bit wonky when I was sewing at six. You only get better with practice.

VivJM said...

A productive week! I love your applique blocks - what a wonderful quilt they make.

LA Paylor said...

you'd have to shovel a foot of snow off to plant a pansy here! LeeAnna

Moneik said...

Great to see Emily sewing! I'm sure she'll love it. I know Mikaela wants to sew every chance she gets. Patience is the key. Time span is very short.

KaliaContiki said...

Love the trip around the world - it's stunning! I would vote for either a dark blue or dark green on the midget quilt (I so admire your hand appliqué!) I think it would frame it and draw out some of the dark colours in the blocks. Just my 2 cents!