Thursday, September 24, 2015

How about a midget Thursday?

I started the stem and leaves yesterday at work and got the stars done at bowling this morning. At least I got a little progress on these midget blocks.

Star Flower.
On another note - Miss Emily lost her 5th tooth in 5 weeks! Poor thing is a gummy fool =) Three lost on top and two on the bottom. She won't be biting into any corn or apples this fall!


  1. Poor Miss Em. At least the new teeth will pop through soon. She might like to try my strategy at that age - good excuse for eating ice cream, jelly and custard! Your mini star flower looks so sweet.

  2. Aww, poor Emily. Hopefully she'll be getting in some replacement teeth soon. Love your little midget ... love that little center of the flower.

  3. Sounds like Emily is in the 'get rich quick' plan via the Tooth Fairy! :) Your midget block looks great.

  4. Poor Ms Em. Good to get them all over with at once I guess.