Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday....

Sometimes when life gets way too busy.. your body decides to take over and give you a day off! Today was to be a day off for both Greg and I so we could take his Dad out for his birthday (turned 80 last Tuesday)..... then last night my manager was diagnosed with pneumonia (I sent her from work to the quick care yesterday just after noon) so I was back working today. Woke up this morning feeling off..... some power zero helped but my wonderful hubby went in to work for me. I am having a semi lazy day (I do have the 6 and 7 year old home with me after all) and plan to do some slow stitching to relax and recoup after a very hectic last few weeks. The kids are currently busy coloring Halloween things to hang around the house.

I'll add some stitches to my orange trip around the world block.

Maybe a few more daisy petals will be added to my midget appliqué?

Who know, maybe even the hugs and kisses quilt will come out to play and get a few quilting stitches put into the border to get that started again.

I think it will be a movie afternoon with a few board games thrown in. This is the current smile for Ms. Emily - with 5 teeth lost in the last month.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts to see what other slow stitching is happening today.

I did get a little fun in on Friday after school with the kids. We went to Sholom Park  for a play date and it was beautiful!
Feeding the coy fish.

The girls walking hand in hand. Michaela and Emily with Thomas on the side.

Michaela really likes Aidan =)

Emily with her Penny the Pig from Girl scouts.
Aidan is in the play room practicing his guitar with the music on, Emily is hanging up the bats she just colored and I think it is time to find a movie and add a round of orange to my trip block.


  1. Hope you get your strength back soon. Those kids are adorable :)

    You have a few projects to select from for slow stitching. Enjoy!

  2. Wish I had a hubby that could go into work for me when I'm feeling blue! Lovely oranges in that TATW.

  3. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a lazy day. Sometimes our bodies just tell us to slow down and take a break whether we were planning it or not.

  4. Hope you can rest and relax and stitch the day away!

  5. Rest is the best! There's been a lot of illness about this year. Shalom Park looked like lots of fun and it's always a good day when your can get some stitching done.

  6. I am so glad she posed for you ...I had a nice laugh; so darn CUTE!

    I did some stitching this morning but the afternoon was with my grandson and a visit to my mom's / downtime is always good for the soul !

  7. Sounds like an enjoyable sick day! I worked today so no slow stitching for yet that is.

  8. I managed an hour of slow stitching in the gazebo this afternoon. Your visit to the park looks fun! Orange is my favourite colour!

  9. I am just getting some stitches in! I caught a cold my husband brought home! It sure does make such a difference when we are under the weather. Love your orange block! Can't wait to see the rainbow colors come together. It's going to be spectacular.

  10. Hope you had a great slow stitching Sunday!

  11. Yes, sometimes the body just demands that we slow down. Hopefully your listening to it will allow you to recoup ... instead of coming down with something. I'm not normally a big fan of orange, but I sure am liking your orange TATW.

  12. Are you doing the trip around the world in rainbow colors? Do you have a certain number you do in each color? Do you know how many you will do all together? Sorry for all the questions, but I haven't been able to read or post blogs in awhile and trying to catch up. I am reading from newest back to where I stopped last time so I may find the answers along the way if you don't have time to answer.