Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just a taste of Vermont.....

And yes, that includes all the Ben and Jerry's that my niece Jillian keeps restocking at my parents camp. She is working there on weekends this summer and you get 3 pints each day you work. I got to try the Boom Chocolata and it was pretty good! Thanks Jilly.

The kids are having fun in the water - they got the paddle boat out and Aidan mastered that pretty well. They were playing rescue in the water yesterday with it. Lots of family was out to visit for the holiday and the kids had a great time with all the aunts, uncles and cousins. We'll see more on Friday and Saturday for the wedding. Until then we'll play with the kayaks, paddle boat, pontoon boat and the kids will be building forts up in the woods and playing with the scooters on the dirt road. I really need to bring them for a walk..... to work off that ice cream!

Aidan caught a sunfish with the net yesterday morning.

Aidan in the paddle boat

Ms. Emily posing.

Aidan and Emily in the paddle boat, my brother David in the kayak and his daughter Jillian swam across the lake

One of the mallard ducks that came to visit this morning. 

Signs of fall - a red maple leaf on the ground.
This morning after feeding the ducks it was time for a little school. They each chose math sheets to work on and I had Emily do her spelling words as well. Aidan and I read some more of his chapter book this morning on the swing. They each did their fluency reading and Aidan did his other vocabulary and math fluency and we are calling it a day. I might sneak in an english sheet later this afternoon and some reading after running errands. For now - time to put a hook in the tree to put the clothes line back up  - Aidan seems to love hanging clothes up on the line but jumped up to grab it and pulled it off last night. Just a little fix job and then we can do some laundry to hang out there. I really need to grab the sewing and put a few stitches in too - maybe after the line is up and the next batch of laundry is in the washer.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

3 pints a day of Ben & Jerry's....oh my !!! :) LOL I love that stuff but haven't had it in awhile..price went up here and it's not been on sale for ages. But I can heartily recommend the S'mores flavor!

Such a beautiful lake and time that you are all having. The kids will always have special memories to look back on. Emily is quite the pretty little mermaid :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love Ben & Jerry's but I have decided that I love it too much I can sit and eat the whole thing by myself - I have now told myself to scoop out half from the carton put in a bowl and that is it!

Angie said...

Sounds like wonderful memories are being made!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful place to be and Ben & Jerry's to top it off. Lucky you. Enjoy your family as they grow up so fast.

a good yarn said...

An ideal holiday for kids and parents alike.

Sherrill said...

We were just up there about a week ahead of you. Flew into Boston, thru CT, up to Bennington, Burlington, Ben & Jerry's (!!) Coolidge's birthplace, Cabot's Creamery and a couple other places!! And I'm a geocacher (for several years) and just made a couple of grabs tonight with my nephew back here in TX. FUN!