Monday, August 29, 2011


I decided it was time for a new project. I confess, I have restarted this one at least 8 times (probably closer to 10 or 12) in the last year. I kept having issues with one stitch and kept doing it wrong. The other issue is 2 little ones getting into my sewing room and 'playing' with it..... isn't it fun to take the knitting needles out of the yarn Mommy? I finally figured the stitch out... and then let the project sit until this summer. Of course, I got to that point while sitting at JFK in June and completely forgot how to do the stitch. Tried something and had to take the whole thing out again. At least the stitch is only 20 rows in.. but still, at 162 stitches in a row it is a bit of work.
Yesterday I decided to try it again. I cast on my 162 stitches while the kids were out playing in the rain (before the wind started!) and then did 2 rows while they were napping. My goal is to do 2 rows a day, and maybe I'll get this done in time for her to still be able to wear it! I am doing a size 4T... she is currently 2 and starting to get too tall for the 2T pants and shirts.

The pattern is from the April/May 2010 issue of Country Woman Magazine. The yarn is from Joann's Fabrics - the Spa line and a wonderful feeling bamboo yarn in light purple.

I confess, I have never made a sweater before. I have done a few afghans in the ripple stitch (Mom has 3 and I think I have one) and countless dish cloths, a few scrubbers and one lonely sock half. I have also crocheted bunches of the kitchen towel tops (Mom got sick of buying them back in the 90's and asked me to figure out how to make them... which I did!) and a few crochet baby afghans and one large navy blue one called Michi using this free pattern. I am a self taught crocheter and Mom taught me to knit, pearl, and K2 together when I was a little girl. Anything else, I have learned through reading. I am sure I will be stuck as I go further along, but hopefully I can find a yarn shop down in Florida where I can pop in and ask for help when I get stuck.
Wish me luck

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