Monday, August 1, 2011

All 12 VQF blocks done.....

I decided to just finish that one without getting the replacement fabric. I decided I can live with it. Heck..... it will be something to look for in the quilt... find the boo boo!

I also did another one Sunday while everyone napped.... after I mowed the lawn. I haven't mowed the lawn for about 4 years I think.... but G lifted Miss Em when we got back from the play ground so she could hit the garage door button to close it and did something to his back.
Here are the final 3 blocks. I just called Maplewood Quilts in Northfield, VT and she has the finishing kit but is waiting for more of the background fabric to arrive. She has my name and cell number so hopefully I can pick that up sometime next week. I haven't been to her actual shop, but I did get some pretty FQ's from her a few years ago at our guild quilt show. I am looking forward to checking out her shop.. without the kids in tow!

I bought a batting for hand quilting for the patriotic 'fireworks' quilt. Someone commented asking if I meant it to look like fireworks going off..... I was unable to go to their blog to leave a comment or e-mail so the answer is - nope... I never noticed that until you pointed it out! Thanks... now I have a name for the quilt. Just need to get it basted for hand quilting. That will be my project for a trip we will be taking next month.

While making the VQF blocks I was able to make these 9 patches from my stash of scraps. I'm trying to figure out what other 'colors' I need to grab so there is a good variety.. I have some purples cut and ready for sewing so will lay it out again when the others are sewn.... I think I have 6 more ready to go.

I'll also start something NEW...... next week as time allows. More about that later...
Have a great week everyone..

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  1. Your star blocks look fabulous! Nine patches are so great for using up scraps.