Saturday, July 30, 2011

VQF Blocks - 4.5 more done....

Don't you just hate when you cut something wrong... and don't have enough fabric to fix it?

I got 4 more of the VQF blocks done over the last week. The .5.... well, that one used the stripe fabric and I cut like they said... but when I went to put it together the lines are going the wrong way for 2 of the sides..... so I am holding off on finishing that one until I find it and order some. Arrgghhh.

On to good news.. I did get these pretty ones done.

From Traditions at the White Swan...

From Quilter's Confectionery

From Country Quilt & Fabric in Castleton, VT was Country Flower Star.

and this last one didn't have the quilt shop's name on it but it was pretty.

I had to pop out today and found my $25 gift certificate to Joann's Fabrics. Since I still have those 2 tops that need quilting... I got 2 fabrics for backings. They are in the washer now and I hope to get them ready for pinning tonight after kids are in bed. I think I can get them quilted this week around naps. One will be easy... just straight line quilting. We'll see what mood I am in for the pink top... it may become an 'easy' one too depending on how much time I have.

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Ellen said...

Pretty blocks - I like the colour combos!