Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VQF Booth hop blocks.... 2 more done!

Little Miss decided not to nap yesterday but I still managed to get one block done before I had to kick us both out of the sewing room. Lets just say she is a few months late but is really being '2' with tantrums the last week or so. This block is from Great Pond Quilts. The yellow outside of the block doesn't show well on the light table.

This one is from Maplewood Quilts in Northfield,VT called 'Vermont Evening Star'. I really like this one and think it would be pretty in a controlled color scrap quilt - maybe creams, pink and greens? The previous 2 patterns did not mention the name of the quilt shop that had them in the Booth Hop but if that information is listed on the directions I will post the information when I show the block.

I also got 3 more 9 patches as my leader/ender project with this quilt. I just cut out scraps for about 5 more so I'll be ready to go tomorrow during nap time.

Dinner is prepped - Kansas Cucumber Salad and Chicken Fajita's. I guess I'll go start the rice and check on the kiddo's who I think are just waking up.
Have a great evening.

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