Friday, August 12, 2011

L&E... becomes the main project ... right now anyway!

I didn't feel like cutting yesterday... I felt like sewing. So....(no pun intended) I pulled the 4.5x2.5 guys and got 116 of them sewn together. Just need to find the iron and an ironing board so I can add the squares to each end for the star struck pieces. Excuse Miss Sophie - the white blob on the side of the picture... she was wanting some attention from me since the kids are down for their naps. They seem to only come out when the kids are not around lately.

I think I'll be in the mood to start cutting out Em's quilt on Sunday. Saturday will be a BBQ for the professional group I am part of at the President's house on a lake. I think my kids will be the only ones hopefully Aunt D and Uncle D will help me keep them entertained for the afternoon. I have a feeling Em will be in the water up to her ankles picking up rocks and AT will be running around making everyone tired just watching him!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I recently started 2 projects that I thought would become possible candidates for leader/enders. I guess I am not very good at that tecnique because I haven't touched either one of them since starting my latest obsession!!