Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fabric and progress.

First - I got a package in the mail yesterday. Aidan proceeded to open up the bundle of blue and make a 'quilt' on the living room floor with it! Yup, that's my boy. I put an order in to Connecting Threads on the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Such pretty fabrics to add to my stash. Here are a couple of them. 1 yard each of these three and three FQ samplers - Canterbury Christmas ,Winter Blues and Prairie Sampler. I also got 4 yards of solid black for the next Graduation quilt.

I scooped out the maroon ones from the Christmas bundle and used them in my Easy Street Mystery. I have all the geese and parts cut out for this week's step and also have the 64 rectangles done. I still need a few more four patches but I cut more strips for that as well while I was busy cutting things out. I went a little overboard and have a bunch of extra maroon 2 inch strips. I hope we'll need more of them in this mystery.

I finally used my Fons and Porter Flying Geese ruler. I did sew up two just to make sure it works and it measures correctly. I really like that you cut both parts from the same ruler and all the instructions are right on it.

I hope to try quilting a pinwheel quilt tonight. I started it this afternoon and was having tension and thread issues. I decided to wait on that and cut things out for the mystery instead. I was thinking a loopy meander on the quilt but if it continues to give me fits I'll pull out the quilting on the two squares I have done and will just do some straight line quilting so I can call it done. I still have one more of these to do and then bind them....... I don't think they will be shipped off this week. Bummer.


Ellen said...

Oh boy..I am having fabric envy!

Ray and Jeanne said...

If Aidan doesn't grow up to be a quilter, he'll at least grow up appreciating quilts! The fabric all looks wonderful! ~Jeanne

Cyn said...

Ooooooh, it is so fun when Happy Mail brings new fabric! Yours is pretty. I am ooogling the maroon. Love everything red. lol.
Love how Aiden 'helped'. Too cute.