Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

I worked on this little guy on Sunday morning before heading out to SeaWorld with Emily. For such an easy block, I sure did have trouble getting those HST's to go the correct way. There was a little bit of frogging to make this block come out correctly. This is #131 - Indian from the sentimental stitches midget block patterns.

Sorry for the bad photo - mini chocolate chip muffins are in the oven and I'm trying to do a quick post before they need to come out of the oven.


Sheila said...

A pretty little block. I enjoy your mini Tuesdays.

Ellen said...

Cute block - nice and warm looking. As far as I am concerned, no need to apologize for a bad photo - I can never seem to do any of my quilts or blocks justice!

scraphappy said...

Glad you got all the bits turned the right way. Looks like a perfect rendition to me. Chocolate chip muffins -- sounds delicious, enjoy.