Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easy street progress

I am a bit behind on this mystery but I am planning to keep plugging away at it.
Step 1 - completed.
Step 2 - completed.

I am planning to move onto step 3 today. I see some cutting happening at the kitchen island while keeping an eye on the kiddo's. Maybe I can even sew a little this afternoon while they take naps.

I have made some progress on the Kansas Sunflower block from week 4 of the GC BOW. This is all hand pieced and is going together really easily. The hardest part is the prep work on this one. I just have to prep the outermost part and the circle in the middle. I really believe I will hit my goal of having this one completed before Christmas. Anyone else making progress on this one? I drew the b parts out yesterday, and was able to get them all added on in the afternoon.

Tonight Grandma wants to take them to the Homasassa Zoo since they have some pretty white lights hanging all around and Christmas music playing. We will head to her house and pick her up, have a bite to eat out at a restaurant for an early dinner and then head to the Zoo. It should be dark by then but I see lots of driving in my future today. I will have two back seat drivers pointing out all the Christmas lights on houses as we pass and doing 'Woo hoo's' and clapping for the ones they really like. It is always interesting to see what the kids come up with in the car - various questions or just enjoying the lights.
Enjoy your day.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your Kansas Sunflower block is so cute. I love hand quilting, but I'm not a fan of hand stitching. But I'm wanting to have a small, portable project and am thinking of giving hand stitching another try.

Debi said...

Great progress on the mystery. I love to hand applique but it has been years since I've hand-pieced. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine said...

I really like the colours you have chosen for this mystery. I am stitching the GC BOW too, I really enjoyed hand piecing the Sunflower block, it is my favourite so far.