Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I had a feeling that since I really liked the BOM for my guild this month and had started to cut out scraps to make my own, that I would win the blocks this month. I had this feeling Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday while cutting out my scraps. Well, I went to the meeting last night and saw lots of beautiful quilts by Kim Diehl and guess who won the 11 blocks from our monthly challenge? Yup, it was meeeeeeee!

Thanks so much to the ladies who made the blocks this month. I'm looking forward to putting them together with a few of mine and making up a pretty scrap quilt. I will probably give this one away to either my friend Kelly as a raffle for next June's 'Lacing up for Cancer' walk or as a donation to the 'Friends of the library' in Milton next fall. They'll both get a quilt next year but I'll toss a coin to see who gets this one... assuming the kids will let it out of the house!

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