Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny Tuesday!

This was my redo of block 1 - Ohio Star - which turned out the 5 inches it should have. All my blocks so far are below. I do need to redo the red/white one to make it 5 inches....but I think I'll wait on that for a bit.


  1. Very nice blocks! I really need to measure mine to make sure they are the right size. :(

  2. I still need to redo the flying geese block too. Yours are looking great all together, I like your colors.

  3. Your blocks look great!!! I wouldn't redo the red and cream one. I would just add cream to the sides to make it the size you need. That was was a bear to make! lol

  4. Your blocks look beautiful, i just found this blocks and im thinking of starting them in 2013...i really like seeing some made already...thank you.


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