Monday, January 10, 2011

Borders completed...

Well, this is the quilt on the messy floor right after Miss Emily got up from her nap on Saturday. I decided to do 9 squares for the 4 corners and attach them to the top and bottom borders. I brought the quilt and borders to my really fun sewing Sunday afternoon and the girls suggested a small frame border around the pinwheels before the border. I like their suggestion so will be adding that soon and then the borders to get this completed soon.
Yesterday a big Thanks to DH for staying home with the kids so I could pop to the hospital conference room to sew with some of the ladies from the guild. R and I were able to get a few of the award blocks done so I only have 7 or 8 total to do now! I figure it takes me a little over an hour to do one so the rest are very manageable to get done by the end of the month. Oh, there is a pattern for a version of the sugar house created by guild member Susan Bruce. The block in the link will finish at 15x15. The ones in the award are closer to 5x6 I think.
Still need to draft up my BOM quilt center....but plan to really get that done and onto the center of the quilt this week.
Just need to prep for a few meetings this week - do the taxes for VTMUG and file (hopefully today) and then create my agenda and organize my notes for my quilt show committee meeting on Thursday evening. Lets hope the kiddo's nap together and for a good amount of time again this week so I can get some things done.

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