Thursday, May 10, 2012

A finish and some Sow alongs...

I had planned to sew a midget block today.... went in and looked at the next one and ... just was not feeling it. Looked at the next one - hand piecing. Didn't feel like prepping it right now.

Hmmm. Those Anvil blocks. I need to finish that - so that is what I did. I got the Anvil 12 inch Quilt Square Along block done today. Lots of tiny pieces but it is finished.

I also had a little time (I managed to get both to nap today and boy did the big one really need a nap!) and still was not feeling the midgets so I pulled the sow along instructions out. I did another two - shoe fly and the civil war sewing circle.

This morning I shipped the graduation quilt off to my Mom along with her Mothers Day gifts. I needed something to cushion what the kids bought for her and figured the quilt needed to head to Vermont anyway so I killed two birds with one package. I plan on making a pillowcase to put the quilt in and mail that up with the graduation card early next month. This is the finished Starburst quilt with label.
The label has "Starburst" Mindy - 2012 SHS Graduate. Made by me in Ocala, FL. Pattern Star Struck by Bonnie Hunter of

Hmmm. They are still sleeping. I wonder if I can get one more block done......


  1. So sad the midgets weren't inspiring you today, sure looks like you got lots of other great blocks done though. Nap time is such a good thing!

  2. I get that way sometimes too - but lucky for us quilters we always seem to have something else going on that we feel inspired about working on. I love the graduation quilt - it looks terrific!