Thursday, May 24, 2012

A busy day...

Yesterday was the Grandma Wednesday. She lives about 40 minutes from us and if we deliver them she'll watch them for the day for us so things can get done without little ones underfoot. We are very lucky she does this for us and G and I are now swapping Wednesdays so we each get some alone time. Yesterday was my day. I got them dropped off around 9:30 and headed out about 15 minutes later. Heading back home, I managed to fill up the car with gas ($3.35 - finally the prices are going down but still are way too high!), got it all washed (those love bugs needed to get off the car) and got my hair cut. Then it was grocery shopping and back home to put things away and grab lunch. It was about 1PM at that point.

The kids have had growth spurts and are half an inch taller than the last time I measured them a few weeks ago. No wonder the clothes are seeming tight! My 3 year old is in a 4T and my 4 year old is ready for 5T. Somehow I'm growing what could be tall kids...... with me at 5'2"! I went through their closets and pulled the things that don't fit and got them ready for the donate pile. Well, Aidan's go into Em's closet and she gets some wear out of them first.  Emily got her new big girl bed on Tuesday so we took everything out of her room and hopefully only a few things will go back. Here is her new bed and night stand. She also has a dresser with mirror in the set.

I really need to go through toys but decided to sew instead. There is always tomorrow for that.

I found this Youtube video and made the pillowcase for the graduation quilt. I really like how this came out and think that 'wrapping' the quilt in the pillowcase is a great idea. Not sure where I got the idea from but this will not be the last time I do this.

I just need to make a graduation card and send that up to my Mom so she can put the quilt into the pillowcase for delivery next month. Then it was a phone call to the accountant and to the store with some questions and business things I had to do. Then I managed to sew a midget block that I'll reveal on Tuesday! I need to make a couple more copies of my next one so I can get that paper pieced as well but believe I'll have time to get that one done for the Tuesday reveal. I will be all caught up again for my one a week this year. The blocks coming up seem doable, not too many teeny tiny pieces like the last few.
Then it was scoop the kitty litters and prep the garbage for putting the garbage out last night for them to take this morning. We did good at eating up the leftovers this week and only had one thing to toss. I'm getting better at not wasting food. At that point, it was close to 4 and time to head out and pick up the kiddo's. I did stop at a fruit stand along the way and grabbed some tomato's, fresh peaches and zucchini since I didn't get any fruit and veggies (other than carrot, potato and onion) at the grocery store.
The treat for the kids was to pick out new summer jammies. We stopped at Kmart on the way home and they were really good at the store - they each got a new shorts outfit and summer jammies. Then it was a quick drive through to get dinner from Lee's Chicken (we didn't have that in Vermont and the kids love the mashed potato, green beans and biscuits with honey we get with the meal) and home to eat. Then jammies and bedtime. How was your day?

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Ellen said...

You were a very busy girl and got a lot done! I am glad to hear that you were able to get in some sewing time too. Good for you on using your leftover's. When I went back to work I decided that I was going to try to avoid buying fast food/convenience foods and I have been doing pretty good with it. It takes more effort and time to make from scratch but it is worth it.