Monday, March 31, 2014

A crochet finish....

I started this baby afghan last summer while I was visiting Vermont. It has sat at the bottom of the hand work bag since then... just waiting. Occasionally I'd pull it out and work 4-6 rows and then put it away. I pulled it out last week and added a few more rows and then decided it was big enough. Time to work around the edges. I watched the video again, and then gave it a shot. Not too bad for my first attempt at this pattern. Thanks Amy for posting the link last July. It was fun to do and now will sit in the closet until a baby blanket is needed. I think the next attempt will be a granny square as you go.

Slanted Shells Variation 2 - I used Simply Soft Caron yarn in off white.


  1. Such a sweet baby blanket. I'm learning to crochet by way of YouTube video clips. Thanks for the links. Good instructions!
    Do you remember how many chains/shells you started with? About how big it turned out?

  2. Oh yes! I enjoyed that pattern. It will forever be remembered as my first 'big' finished crochet project :)
    Lookin' awesome.

  3. What a cute afghan! That will be perfect for a new mama and her babe.

  4. Lovely baby afghan. I made a crocheted afghan for grand daughter #2. UGH -- turns out I hate to crochet -- at least big items. But it's hers now and I think all grands will continue to get quilts rather than crocheted blankets! Maybe hats though....

  5. Cute! Looks like a nice finish and I'm sure you're glad to have it done.

  6. This will be a wonderful gift for a baby!


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