Friday, March 14, 2014

The dangers of blog reading......

you tend to start new projects instead of finishing current projects (or cleaning the house like I should have been doing this afternoon!). I'm going to blame Sheila on this one. She makes some lovely 8 inch blocks each week in the rainbow scrap colors and then she'll arrange them into charity quilts. Well, these cute little cats showed up a bit ago and she shared the link to the free pattern. I use a Mac and that has a 'top sites' page when I log in where I can place 12 web pages and I put that free pattern cat on one of them. Every time I got onto my computer, I saw it. As my Mom can tell you, I am on the computer way too much during the day. I saw that cat a lot!

I had my stack of teal and aqua fabrics just sitting on the cutting table. I also had to finish cutting some parts for the Kaleidoscope quilt today after I made some decisions and had some deep blues on there too. I needed a purple in the middle side and blue in all the other spots.

Well.......... instead of cleaning the house I popped into the sewing room and cut out 12 cats. 10 or 15 minutes here and there during the day and I now have 12 - 8 inch cats. They need some sashing..... and I think a border of little mice with some embroidered tails on the end would be really cute! Now... to find a little mouse pattern =). I had seen a quilt with cats and a mouse border years ago at The Vermont Quilt Festival and it has stuck with me as a neat idea. See, I told you reading blogs is dangerous!

Edited : Found this free link at Fons and Porter that has a cool mouse paper pieced pattern in it. That will work for my mouse border. You can find it here.


  1. The cats are adorable! Much better use of time than doing housework!

  2. ah yes! The dangers of blog browsing!!!!!! LOL
    BUT, another start means there will EVENTUALLY be another finish :)


  3. Ha Ha. Why do you think I'm making cat blocks : )
    Amy's right. Browsing the internet is dangerous.
    I love your kaleidoscope blocks. Love, love LOVE your 12 cats! You go girl!

  4. Absolutely blame Sheila! LOL
    Who could resist these cuties!

  5. So adorably cute! I thinking they would be adorable in a 6 inch size too! There were some super cute mice on scrap happy Saturday last week, but I think yours want to be in profile running around the quilt and these faced forward. Blogging is dangerous, but in a good way.

  6. Housework will always be there ... inspiration maybe not. So I say go for it!! I think a mouse border will be perfect!

  7. OK, see, now you've got me distracted...Those cats are great. I hope you find a little mouse pattern.

  8. I get distracted easily too, but luckily I am not home to play or I would start way too many things.