Friday, March 21, 2014

Another week of teals...

It has been another busy week but we are headed into Spring Break next week (starting today for Aidan) and my parents came back Wednesday to help out with watching kids and will be able to stay through the 31st when they head back to a cold and snowy Vermont. They got to see the kids first soccer game this week - and Emily got the good sportsmanship medal after the first game! All the kids will get one by the end of the season. She left the light on in her room shining on it so I could see it after I got home from bowling last night.

I had prepped some hexies last week and got them all done to join the other hexie flowers for this month. You can see how I prep them for hand piecing here.

A shot of my 'flower garden' so far this year.

I also cut and made four of my churn dash blocks. Hopefully I can sneak in a little sewing this next week so I can cut and sew the other 8 churn dash blocks needed for the month.

I also made a 6.5 inch cat to add to the sampler quilt. Let me know if you'd like the measurements to make this. I'd be happy to do another post with the measurements.

I really need to also finish up the graduation quilt top sometime this week - most are in half blocks at this point so I just need space to lay it out - decide on the final layout and get that sewn together.

    I picked up some eggs at the farm stand this week. They were green shells! Those chicks must have been in the mood for St. Patricks Day! I showed Emily when I picked her up from school Tuesday and she said she had to have green eggs and ham for lunch... and then proceeded to chant all the parts in the Dr. Seuss book 'Green Eggs and Ham'! 

In between all that we'll try and find some fun things to do with the kids on their week off. We'll probably hit Uncle Donalds Farm later today, bowling, maybe the fair in Inverness, walking on the nature trails, picking blueberries if the pick your own signs come out, putting them to work making a new veggie garden with me - the two little ones we have need to be shored up on the bottom fence so the rabbits don't eat all my peas, lettuce and beets which are now up! Really need to get some beans, corn and cukes planted along with my tomato and peppers. Not sure if we'll head to Orlando or not.... walking for long periods is not on tap for my Dad with his knee. All in all - a fairly restful week is on tap. Now to get the kids to sleep in past 6:30AM!

Head on over to SoScrappy's link party on Saturday morning and see what other teal projects are being worked on.


  1. GREEN eggs! Wow.
    Love all the teal going on, too.
    OH YES. Please send me the 6.5" cat block measurements! He is so cute. Gotta make some next week : )

  2. Your life is full of so much beauty (love those hexie flowers!) and fun (green eggs and ham... are you kidding me... what a great Dr. Seuss life!)

  3. Way to keep up with the aqua/teal! Your kitty block is adorable!

  4. You know how much I just love hexies ... and yours are adorable!! I'm a fan of the churn dash quilt, too ... and need to bump it up higher on my "to-do" list. ;-)

    Good luck on the sleeping past 6:30 AM. Have a great Spring Break, whatever you decide to do.

  5. Love your cat block. I've been meaning to whip one up for my collection -- it has just been crazy around here though. Enjoy your spring break and your company. Summer is just around the corner.

  6. your teals look great! I don't have the paticence for hand sewing myself... yes, I'm going to put all my 6½" blocks into a rainbow quilt- "someday". ifyou look at the post from last week, I did put an EQ5 picture of my plan up... thanks for stopping!

  7. We're raising chicks to have green eggs! We already have brown and white, but I do love green eggs.

    Your teal blocks are lovely.

  8. Love your hexie garden!

    Have fun during spring break. DT is wrapping her's up by sleeping in this morning.

  9. Love all your blocks, but I especially love those hexies! Have a great week what ever you decide to do!

  10. Love your flower garden so far! I'm a big fan of Green Eggs & Ham - book and food - so I'm right there with Emily! Have a fun spring break!!

  11. I love your teal hexies; they're looking good.
    Thanks for the link to your hexie-preping tutorial. Your way of cutting a stack of them is absolutely brilliant.

  12. Love all the teal and green going on. Green eggs and ham, the first book I learned to read/memorizes. Great hexie project you have.

  13. Some lovely teal work this week. I would love to make a teal cat. Will you post the instructions? The green eggs and ham make a perfect St. Patrick's Day breakfast. Dr. Seuss would love to be there too ;).

  14. That sounds like a lovely week ahead but hardly restful. Good luck getting more blocks made with kids home. ;)


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