Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy 80th Birthday to my Dad!

It has been a bit since the last post and not much stitching has gone on. Just wanted to wish my Dad a Very Happy 80th Birthday today! So glad he is down here with us to celebrate. We will be taking him out to dinner this evening before they fly home tomorrow to a very cold and wet (ice today) Vermont.

Don't you buckle in your bears when you have them in the car? Aidan did earlier this week.

I got a little hand stitching in while my parents were visiting with my uncle and aunt on Saturday before they went out for a birthday dinner. Gee, Dad sure is getting a lot of birthday dinners in this week!

Sophie under the tree - on a quilt of course!

Max hiding under the quilt rack checking out the tree. Can't wait to climb that.. thanks for bringing it inside!

This was my hand work in the car today while waiting on the kids. I took out one of the 1857 blocks and made a little progress. Back basted 4 of the peels so just need to trim and turn them later.


  1. I love the back basting way of prepping. I sit here and do up several blocks at a time to have ready to take along. Time to take them out again and do the next layers.

  2. So glad that your Dad was able to come down to visit for his birthday. Enjoy the rest of your visit (and getting your house back when your parents go home!)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I think the celebrations should last all year. ~Jeanne

  4. How nice that your parents were able to come for a visit. The cats cracked me up...it's always been that way in my houses since I was a young married. Always had a few that thought the tree was just for them.

  5. What a wonderful milestone for your dad! My mom just turned 78, so I know how thankful you are to celebrate with him. Don't the kitties just love Christmas? I can't wait to see how Rocky will react to his first tree!

  6. When you turn 80, you should get dozens of birthday dinners!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad. That's quite a milestone. My dad turns 80 next year. Let's be QT on the number of birthday dinners, just in case he gets ideas!


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