Saturday, November 5, 2016

RSC November.....

It is time to start wrapping things up with the RSC Challenge. We have 2 months this year to finish things off... maybe Angela is taking pity on us knowing November and December are usually very busy months?

I figured I'd finish off some birds in the air in yellow this week. I still have to make about 16 in black, brown and bright/light greens but at least the yellow are almost crossed off the list!

I think I'll concentrate now on finishing the last row of the row along quilt and see about sewing that one together. Heck, maybe I can finish one quilt this year?

My houses need some attention. They need their wonky surround and maybe some trees to liven up the neighborhood.

I think these will get some attention after the row by row quilt is a top and maybe even quilted... so these are waiting for December because......

Another thing that got added to the list - A baby quilt. I have a nephew (well, his wife!) is expecting a little one in December. Yup, I don't have a quilt ready for that event yet. I am planning on making this   pretty quilt Stair steps designed by my friend Joanne over at canuckquilter. Everything is cut and I have started to make the blocks.

So many projects, so little time! First, I need to take off some numbers from Aidan's boy scout uniform and add his new troop numbers before their meeting this morning. (That got done and a few patches sewn on - tiger, wolf, bear). Emily and I will go with him and find out all about his first campout next Friday. We'll see if he actually will sleep in a tent but he is excited and willing to try since the whole family will be there. A big step for him. Then a visit with Grandpa - who's eye surgery went well and he will be driving over for a visit this afternoon.  Check - that happened and he got his kid fix for the week. Then I'll bring the kids to an event at Barnes and Noble where they will learn about making robots and 3 D printing. I hope it is fun! The guinea pig cage just got cleaned and the piggies are being put back into their cage from the play area. Silly Grandma was planning to take Emily for a sleepover... but Emily asked if Aidan could as well and she said yes. I'll make a drive to drop them both off for a sleepover after our robot event this afternoon. A night alone with the hubby. Whatever will we do with a peaceful house? Too bad I have to work tomorrow... it would be a wonderful day to sew.

Head on over and see how others are planning to finish things up this month with the RSC Challenge.


  1. Great progress on the blocks and the houses, so colorful. The baby quilt will be easy and cute. Good luck to the camper. Hope there are no Ghosties there.

  2. Your crazy weekends!! Enjoy the quiet weekend... sans BOTH kids! Have fun with that adorable baby quilt. The other projects will wait.

  3. I love those birds in the air blocks! I need to learn how to make them! Have fun with your new baby quilt plan, too!

  4. I'm always amazed at how many projects you have on the go. Any time I have more than 2 or 3 started I freeze and get nothing done. Love the birds in the air, and who wouldn't love those happy little houses? I'm looking forward to seeing your Star Steps. You have some fun scraps pulled for it! Enjoy your peaceful house this evening :)

  5. You have so much fun going on here! (And seeing your little houses just gave me a wonderful idea for a quilt block setting that I'd been racking my brain over. Thanks!)

  6. Love that star quilt... it will be fun to sew!

  7. If Angela were really nice, she'd give us a month or two to finish last year's quilts! But you look like you're in great shape and I can't wait to see the houses go wonky and come together.