Sunday, November 13, 2016


Kathy reminded us today to always try new things without fear. I think that is great advise and use that with my girl scouts to get them to try new things. I tell them you may or may not like something (food, activity, etc) and that is ok, but if you don't try you will never know!

It has been a busy time for me the last couple of days. We officially sold our store on Friday afternoon. Friday evening we did a family cub scout campout - first time in a tent overnight for Aidan. He stayed there for the day doing scouting things with his Dad - learning knots, crafts, badges, etc. Emily and I headed to her bowling, a quick lunch and then picked up the girl scout nut and candy orders for our troop. A quick trip home to unload that, try for a nap (foiled as the boys got home at 3 and interrupted my 1 hour nap) and then reload the car for Emily and my girl scout camp out at the drive in. We had a seasoned camper and her Mom (brothers in scouting) and another first time in a tent camper with us for the night. The girls had a great time watching Trolls, playing in the arcade, making s'mores, playing games with other girls scouts and watching ice age. After the wake up announcement, it was breakfast (they provided a great hot breakfast for us - eggs, sausage, biscuit and hash browns) then breaking camp. It was great to see the girls hang out together and enjoy their time together. They will all see each other at another of our troops birthday party in a couple of hours. 

I figured I would be napping this afternoon but I actually got some sleep last night. Instead I will try and do a little  sewing  on the baby quilt and then prep this little one for hand quilting and start putting some hand stitches into it.

This is from leftover orange peels from the hugs and kisses quilt and will become a doll quilt for Emily. It is 24x27... just the right size for her Jessie doll. But first lets check and make sure it is big enough for her to snuggle.

I think it will work. Once this is done I should be able to pin the trip around the world quilt for hand quilting.

Head on over to Slow Sunday Stitching and see what other hand work is being relaxed with this weekend.


  1. I am also getting ready to hand quilt a TATW....what pattern/design are you using for your quilting?

  2. I didn't realize that you sold your store. Wow! Sounds like it's been a really busy but good weekend. I think I'll take that nap for you this afternoon. ~Jeanne

  3. Hi Deb. You're a braver soul than I to camp in a tent... those days are over for this body! LeeAnna

  4. I was laughing to myself asking 'where did THIS quilt come from" as I am usually up to date over here. Adorable...the doll looks happy!

  5. Wow you are one busy lady this weekend. The doll quilt is perfect.

  6. Sweet dolly quilt. I would like to see what pattern you use for your TATW quilt, as mine will be finished soon, and I haven't decided how to quilt it.

  7. What an adorable doll quilt!
    Hope that selling the store will mean more time for you!

  8. Congrats on the sale of the store! What new adventure is in store?


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