Monday, November 24, 2008

Long time no post....

I have misplaced my camera so have not had any pictures to share. I really need to find that soon, I've gone through most of the house, car, etc and have NO CLUE where it is. DH got his out and charged so I guess I need to use his until mine turns up.
Aidan had pictures taken on Thursday and this was one of them...

I did get some sewing done this last week. I have made a bunch of bibs for Aidan since the ones I have are small and the velcro is not holding up well... he can pull it off too easily. So, I found this pattern and have been working away on that project.
I have most of DH's quilt quilted and the binding sewn down on the front. I just need to go back and quilt the outer border and hand sew the binding to the back! I should have that done before Christmas, thank goodness!
I also did just a quick blanket for Aidan using some snuggle flannel...I did the quick turn method and just need to sew it closed and put some ties into it.... he loves playing with them on my irish chain quilt that lives on the couch.
Ok, time to go trim down DH's quilt so I can start the binding tonight after Aidan goes to bed.
Have a great day everyone. I'll take some pics and post them once I figure out DH's camera.

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