Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mid Week.....

I finished the binding on the coin quilt late on Sunday evening. So nice to have another completed quilt this year.

I've been busy cutting lots of little squares from my scraps. It does not look like much but there are 12 piles of 60 squares each so far. Yes, that is 720 squares. Only 480 squares left to go. Now the decision - I was thinking of doing a blue, green with a little splash of brown for my colors. I have the 40 blue and 20 brown's cut out already. I was thinking of 40 greens to make a nice 'nature' color scheme but ...... maybe I'll just stick with blue and brown? What do you think? These will become 12 - 100 squares blocks to go into a quilt I am pattern testing. So far the directions are wonderful and I can't wait to start the paper pieced borders soon.

The normal last week of school craziness is upon us. Both kids had their Polar Express experience at school this week. I worked at Emily's yesterday and ended up as the photographer and got lots of pictures of kids sitting on Santa'a lap. I just finished putting all the pictures onto a flash drive for the school this morning. Then she had a party at her speech session for round two of cookies and goodies yesterday. It was McTeacher night at a local McDonalds so we headed there for dinner last night and Aidan's teacher took our order. It was so fun seeing the different kids from Aidan's class there with their families. Their reaction when they see each other outside of school is so cute. Emily also got to see one from her school there as well so no one was left out. Our major incident for the night was Aidan picked up his meal and put it with his toy into the box and then threw it out.... before he opened the toy. I would not let him go into the trash can to get it. After quite a bit of crying and whining I caved and did a drive through at another one and just got him the ninja turtle toy. I should have just got another meal... it would have been about the same price!
Today is Aidan's party and gift exchange at school. Emily has speech this afternoon and then I have a whole week of HIPPY lessons to do with her today. Yikes. Another busy day at our house. While my floors are drying, I think I'll head to the local quilt shop and pick up my 'stocking' for Christmas before I get Emily. They did a stuff your stocking and I decided to participate this year. I can't wait to open it on Christmas morning.


  1. Sounds like a busy week, but lots of fun. We're having Mathew's postponed birthday party for family, but that's about it. Lots of shopping still left to do though.

  2. Hey Deb.. I love your finished coin quilt laying so happily in the sun. I would think about staying with blues... maybe more shades?? if you want variation.. but the blues and tans play so well together on a quilt.. however in the end YOU have to be happy with what you make :) What is stuff your stocking from your lqs?? I haven't heard of that :) Kathi

  3. You've really piqued my curiosity with what you've shared of the pattern you're testing. I hope you'll get to share the finished quilt with us - eventually?

  4. I'm impressed that you fit in cutting all those small squares in among all your other activities this week. Thanks for testing :) I'm sure whatever color scheme you settle on it will look great. Fabrics always seem to get along just right in your quilts. Feel free to share pics along the way, I'm eager to see what my design looks like in your fabrics!