Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A rainy Tuesday.....

I just did not feel like doing the Tiny Tuesday blocks...so I didn't! The kids were up, had breakfast and were dressed this morning so they should be all set for school schedules next week. Daddy played school with them yesterday so I had to do the same today. Our science experiment was to make play dough and then use the food coloring drops to make the colors. Em did a rainbow of colors and Aidan did orange, blue and green. They have played off and on all day with it - baking lots of play dough cakes and cookies! My sheet pans will need a good scrub once they have finished all their baking. The bottom of the coffee table is acting as the oven right now. We did some reading and went to the library to return books and take out some new ones. They helped me make our quiche lorraine for dinner tonight with some measuring, stirring and such. They wanted to make cookies too... but I think we'll keep that for a Thursday project. I also cleared out the fridge a bit - all the leftover veggies were put into a pot with some onion, beef broth, water and some frozen prime rib leftover from New Years (I love my seal a meal for the freezer!). Yummy.

I have been sneaking into the sewing room a bit while they have been playing. I cut all my churn dashes out and have the parts pieced and cut. They are all set to start sewing together tomorrow (Grandma day and she is keeping them overnight! Lots of sewing should get done!).

My two RSC Sampler blocks are completed. A shot of all four of them.

My 16 patch block in bright and light greens is completed.

I cut out some pink hexagons and then drew my lines on the back for hand sewing while watching a disney show from the library this afternoon.

While digging to try and find my crossroads top to measure it... I saw the rows of my Hugs and Kisses Quilt. I laid it out on my bed this morning and this afternoon the rows are all sewn together. I need to sew the borders together and see how they will fit all around it. I was planning to hand quilt this in a quilt as you go method but my pieced border was making me a bit nervous on how to attach it. It will just be put together as a top and then I'll work on hand quilting this in the fall when it cools down a bit........ or sooner as it is pulling me towards it right now.

The main project for Wednesday.... is to piece the green homespun backing I found today, pin for quilting and then get it quilted. I'll need to piece a binding as well. It should go pretty smoothly as the quilt is just 48x60 so not too bad to tug around under my machine.

I was originally scheduled to work Friday and have Saturday off.... and then swapped it with Greg so he could have the kid free day Saturday. Well, the kids decided they wanted Dad to stay home with them on Friday after we go meet their teachers in the morning. Looks like I get a second kid free day on Saturday this week  - maybe step two of the Celtic Solstice mystery will finally get started!

Now, do I work on appliqué tonight or the pink hexagon border on the spring flowers quilt....... I'll see which one is calling my name around 7:45 tonight..... or maybe 8:30. The rain finally stopped so I might just have to go take a walk after tucking the kids into bed.


Andee said...

Your green blocks are looking great! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your hugs and kisses... it is just sooo awesome!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love your Hugs and Kisses quilt ... I'm not sure I could wait until fall to get started on quilting it. Hope you have a productive day!

Julierose said...

Lovely quilt finish..will be awaiting your green churn dash with great anticipation..hugs, Julierose

Ellen said...

You have been very productive and got a lot of prep work done. Your hugs and kisses top looks great.