Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday... is decorating day

And boy are the kids gung ho for decorating for Christmas. They started at 8:30.... I really need more coffee. All my fall things - mostly my Partylite candles were put away by the kids... and then properly put into their boxes by me. Then they dragged out the Christmas boxes of decorations. To distract them - I said to go find the tree in Aidan's room and take that out. I gave myself a 1 hour reprieve while they decorate the tree before I have to start helping =) A big thanks to Daddy for stringing the lights so they could add the garland and then the ornaments. They are actually doing a good job this year - I don't think I'll need to redecorate the tree this year and spread out the ornaments!

Oh, the elf flew in this morning. I was sure he would get confused and head to Vermont since that is where he last saw the kids. He must have gotten Aidan's note that he was to come to our house this year. They found him right off this morning in the dining room.

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Julierose said...

Oh such a cute post--don't you love that childish exuberance (ahem--tho' maybe another cuppa coffee is needed sometimes! hahaha) Glad you've begun the Holiday celebrating....we are still catching our breaths after the "family circus" left last night!! But it was great fun and a blessing to be all together for thanksgiving....hugs, Julierose