Saturday, December 10, 2016

RSC Saturday...

While sewing together the baby quilt top this week I got the chance to finish off a couple of the dresden plates with their borders. Brown and dark blue were sewn up and I just have light and medium blue to finish off.

I think these will be hand quilted next year with the challenge - well I am shooting for one per month and then I'll put them together in the quilt as you go method. I think I have 13 of them... so one will have to  get finished off into a wall hanging.... maybe with another border or two added to it?

This morning we had breakfast with Santa before the boys headed to scouts and us girls headed to bowling. My picture of Emily and Santa did not come out but they took pictures there and printed them out and popped them into a card for us. Ages 8 for Aidan and 7 for Emily.

I ordered myself a little gift and it arrived this week. Aurofil thread was on sale and I got $1 shipping so I HAD to order 2 threads to try them out and see what all the buzz is about. 

I'll be good and wrap one up for under the tree and the other will be tried out on machine quilting the baby quilt that got into a top stage on Thursday.

We are off to see Papa A and have a late lunch/early dinner with him over by his house. I hope to pin the baby quilt tonight and start some holiday baking but we'll see how the evening rolls out.
I'll probably whip up a batch of toffee - recipe that I use can be found here. It is sometimes called Christmas Crack... and my co-workers wife always made some and sent it in for me back when I was working before kids.  Up in VT I used to put the pan out on the porch to cool but in Florida.... it goes into the freezer and I also store it in the freezer. I try for the out of sight, out of mind but that darn stuff 'calls' to me! 

Linking up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Hopefully after finishing off the baby quilt (plans to machine quilt it tomorrow as Josie arrived on 12/8 and is patiently waiting for her quilt to be sent to her!), I can make the last row of the challenge quilt this year and get that one into a top for quilting next weekend. 
We seem to have something each night this week but the homework for the kids should be a little lighter as it is the last week of school before winter break for 2.5 weeks. Girl Scouts Monday, Orthodontist appts Tuesday,  A Church holiday meal and function for the kids Wednesday, Thursday is a holiday concert at school for Aidan and Friday I have my Cooking Class and the kids have a half day of school. Time to get the boys to put the sander down (not even going to ask what they are doing but Aidan is handling the sander with close supervision by his Dad. Emily has the guinea pigs out for a visit. Time to get going... I'm hungry!


  1. You are in for a treat! I haven't looked back since I began using Aurifil thread. You'll also love that your bobbin thread lasts a lot longer! Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  2. Happy quilting!
    And I've now gotta try that toffee...

  3. Looking forward to watching the Dresden blocks get quilted and assembled! You will love Aurifil thread! Just remember to clean the lint out of your bobbin area every time you change the bobbin.

  4. Oh, the days of schlepping kids here, there, and everywhere!! You certainly do a good job of carving out some sewing time in the midst of all those errands.

  5. I hope you enjoy the aurifil as much as I do. I've got over 50 spools and I'm slowly ridding myself of other thread.