Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Long time between posts. I seem to have gotten some bug flying - probably from the first set of flights - oh goody! Lack of energy, splitting headache and lots of sleep all day Monday and last night around 5 it hit again. Guess I did too much yesterday..... Lets hope the second plane ride bugs don't hit as that will be next week with Thanksgiving!

Tom - my FIL finally got released home yesterday afternoon. Must call and check on him today and see how he slept in his own bed last night. It has been since Sept 23 since he was home. A long time.

I have little to show for my time off. I did manage to finally finish up the second set of 4 Ella Maria Deacon blocks last week. This one needs a good press and a fingers crossed it is 9.5 inches square. I printed out set 3 yesterday. I'll have to prep the first block for hand piecing tonight for tomorrow's bowling time. Lots of tiny flying geese without true measurements so I'll be making templates and cutting fabrics.

I think I showed the grey top umbrella I did last Sunday. I managed to do the rainbow one this Sunday and started the orange one in car lines yesterday. I just need to finish the needle turn applique on that one today in car lines. Once that is done I only need 4 more umbrellas! I have 2 prepped and just need to prep and pull fabrics for 2 more. Hmmm. I wonder if I have any more of the blue fabric I used on Emily's sailboat quilt 10 years ago.... that would make great 'raindrops' for the setting triangles..... Must search the stash and scrap buckets this week. If not... maybe the circles can be hand quilted on the selected setting triangle fabrics and within the umbrella blocks. Just thinking as I type. Things are always subject to change!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope you feel better soon - cute little umbrella's

Julierose said...

I have been fighting off that same headachey/body achey thing just makes me so tired--hope you feel better that striped umbrella...hugs, Julierose


Your Ella Maria block is really pretty and neat looking--
will be fun to see them when they are all done--
and Umbrella's are always fun to see--though the last week, even here in Fl I was thinking we might have to dig out the snow shovels!!!
sorry you got a bug--planes are so germy--though it is fun to fly and faster than driving!!
stay well--we enjoy hearing from you--
luv, di

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Get well Lady - like your block and umbrellas - hope FIL is OK!