Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tiny Thursday...

A little late for the Tiny Tuesday again this week but I did get #27 Orange Peel done. I attempted to do what Jill did but goofed on my math so my block is 6 inch unfinished. I may redo it at some point, but I'll remember not to make the original squares 4 inches to start... maybe 3.5 or 3 next time. I just hand drafted (guessed) the orange peel piece and the little corner. Mental note to self...... plan and get the applique ones all set to go in a Ziploc bag so I can work on them while the kids are playing outside.


  1. I think your rendition looks great!

  2. Great version of a crazy block. Having appliqué prepped and waiting is always so nice when you are sitting for a bit, I think that is why the appliqué blocks always get done first for me.