Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I finished the hand quilting of the cables on this little 12 inch block last night. I now have 16 blocks made using the Kansas Troubles fabrics. Do I continue on and make the two appliqué and another 2 blocks.... or call it done and start putting them together? Decisions, decisions.....

Wishing a Happy 5th Birthday to Emily. This was the cake she selected for her school party.


  1. Your Kansas Troubles blocks look great! Happy Birthday to Emily too!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on these. If you are enjoying them, make more. But if you're tired of it, then call it done :)

  3. Love your blocks they look wonderful! I agree keep going if you feel like it, but if not it looks wonderful as it is. Your daughter is so cute, Happy Birthday, Emily!

  4. I think you could go either way on your KT sampler ... I love it, but then KT fabrics are my favorite!!

    Happy belated birthday to Emily!

  5. Wow, so hard to believe Em is already 5! We've known each other a long time, since I remember when she was born. I think I would make the other 4 blocks to make the quilt a little bigger.


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