Saturday, April 26, 2014

4 more sampler blocks done in purple......

I had some bigger triangles (from 4.5 inch strips) leftover from the kaleidoscope quilt that were put into the top two blocks. I made an oops when cutting for my churn dash and did not have any more of a fabric for the 1.5 inch strip needed so those were made into the little middles of the right side ones. The lower left is the sampler block Angela has posted right now for the sampler. Instructions can be found here for that one. I've added 4 more 6.5 inch blocs to my sampler and got rid of a few scraps on the cutting table.

I have a pork shoulder in the crock pot for pulled pork sammies for dinner tonight. Just need to chop up the cabbage for some slaw to go with it. Laundry is in the dryer. Plants have been watered, birds have been fed. Birthday presents purchased and wrapped. Just waiting for the time to leave for the party. Aidan informed me he wants the computer to do his Ticket to Read while waiting to go so I better wrap this up. I hope I can sneak away to the sewing room again this evening after the kids are in bed - that triangle quilt needs to get the rows sewn together..... they are on one side of my ironing table and I need that space back =).


  1. So happy you were able to come up with some sampler blocks for the month. I am so behind on posting. More purple goodies coming soon though! I promise. Love your cracker block. How did the pressing work out?

  2. Man you are really have fun with your purples!!! I want to make some churn dashes soon. Hey...please so stop by on Tuesday for my Tuesday Archive linky: the linky where you rejuvinate OLD quilting's bee a lot of fun so far!! Love to have ya stop by and share.

  3. Great blocks and have fun at your party!

  4. Cute purple blocks.

    I haven't made pulled pork in quite some time ... and now that it's getting warmer (well, except for the cool spell we're going to have next week), I think I need to make some pulled pork! Yum