Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Saturday in 2014....

It is time to take stock and figure out what I'll be working on for RSC 2015. I've been keeping a list over on my project tab so I don't forget..... and it seems I will have a bunch of hand projects so all that  waiting on the kids in the car line won't be wasted!

I'll continue with the hand pieced hexagon flowers and add my black surround to them by color.

I have loved the twinkle stars over the last few years and this is the year I make some.

I have a bunch of bird in the air blocks from a couple of years ago that I think will be turned into a wedding quilt for September so I need some more blocks for this.

Dresden plate or fan blocks.... I am still undecided on which I'll do so we'll find out in January.

Scrap busting will be a long strip of 3.5 inch parts sewn onto some thin muslin. I'm thinking this will be 60 or 70 inches long.... I see a rainbow strip of each color with a thin cream in-between each color.

A hand pieced trip around the world block.... still deciding on how big each will be. I am playing with blue to try it out using 2.5 inch squares but I think I am going to have the last 'round' be either a cream or white in each block to tie them together as steps when I sew the blocks together. This round is done and the next medium round is almost done. I was too lazy to go snap a new picture.

Follow along with the 2015 RSC Quilt Angela is hosting.

I think I have way too many projects listed so if some fall off the wagon along the way.... I am good with that. Head on over and see the lovely finishes from 2014 and the plans for 2015 with the RSC Challenge.

I'm planning a post of my Quilting year in review on December 31. Hope you'll stop back in and take a peek at all I have accomplished in the sewing room this year. I love seeing the yearly recaps out on blog land..... don't you?

Time to go get dressed and then take the kids to see the Disc Golf course that my brother helped organize and make last year. He finally got the snowmobile out so after they finish skiing this morning he'll come and take Emily for a spin. That is the last snow related thing they want to do. We have checked everything else off the list - tasting them falling on their tongue, snow angels, making snow men and snow dogs, shoveling, making snowballs, sledding and now a ride on the snowmobile. We also got a nice walk up to my sisters cabin yesterday through the snow. I forget how flat Florida is when I am walking up here in Vermont!


  1. I'll definitely stop back on the 31st for the review. I love seeing all your projects. I need to do what you do and find a project to work on by hand while waiting on the kid INSTEAD of finding new patterns of new projects I want to make. That would be much more productive. Have a great 2015!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying all the fun that winter has to offer. Visiting the cold definitely sounds like the best of all worlds. We were sweating buckets on Christmas day and thinking of turning the air back on -- not exactly a white Christmas. So many fun projects in the works. Looking forward to a great new year of scrap using.

  3. Love Disc Golf! Hope you have fun if you play :)
    I love all your RCS projects and your TATW is coming along.. look forward to seeing the rounds change colors to see how it turns out. I already have projects piled up for 2015! lol Kathi

  4. Your hexie flowers look great and so do your Birds in the air blocks. Enjoy the rest of 2014. I'm looking forward to seeing what project you decide on for 2015.

  5. Lovely white Christmas photo in your header. Our Christmas has been wet and gray. Love your projects you shared today and some great planning for 2015. Looking forward to year end round up.

  6. Love your TAW hand pieced blocks--I will be back on the 31st to see your list of lovelies...hugs, Julierose

  7. So many great ideas for RSC!
    Sounds like the kids are having a terrific vacation!

  8. Looking forward to seeing these colorful blocks become quilts!

  9. So many beautiful projects! Love your work!

  10. You have a few great blocks for the RSC. It is good to make plans for next year. I still have to do some reviewing too. I think I need to finish a few quilts also not just blocks this year.

  11. I love the annual quilty recaps and can't wait to see yours. I think I need to make a list for 2015, too.

  12. So many great plans and ideas!

  13. Love seeing your projects. Also love seeing your progress this year in the RSC2014. It's been a lot of fun and very inpirational! I will look foward to your year in review - I like to do the same (if I can get may act together - LOL)


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