Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well, the cats had their vet appointment this morning. 2 hours total for catching and getting there and then bringing them home. The vet is maybe 15 minutes from the house. Catching them was interesting - Max peed on me and Sophie was the more difficult one to catch this morning. Yes, I had to reassemble our bed when I got home - had to pull up the bottom part to get to her. She is obese (14 pounds and chunky) so I knew that but her hip is popping so December 31 she starts her weight loss diet and will try and get her down to 8 pounds 5 ounces like she should be. Poor baby.
Max is fine weight wise around 8.5 pounds and healthy.

I spent an hour trying to find all parts to puzzles and matching games the kids have outgrown. They will be sent to the woman's shelter by my MIL as they are in need of toys and things for the kids for Christmas. I'll pull more toys tomorrow but one big black trash bag is filled. A few dolls, cars and books made it in there too. Lots more will be pulled tomorrow - and other than noticing things will be  cleaned up a bit tomorrow they probably won't even notice the missing things!
Time to hit their drawers again - Way too many clothes and Aidan is finally outgrowing some of his so time to pull shirts and clear them out. I already sent a couple of bags of toys and outgrown bikes and winter coats with her on Sunday.

A quilt photo for you - I am on round 6 for the hand pieced trip around the world quilt. I ran out of purple or I would have made more progress on this last night. I need to pull more to work on this in the car line today. I'd like to get this round completed, then I have to decide if I finish this little one off or continue. It is fun but I don't want a big rainbow one of these so I think I'll start again with a random color one.

We did Christmas with Grandma on Saturday night.... which is why I need to clear out toys! She got us this neat craft of our family. One of her friends daughter makes them. Tom and Ruthann are Greg's parents and then all our names. Just need to hang it up.

The kids had scouts last night. It was my turn for Aidan and they went singing carols at one of the rehab centers. This is the troop - tigers, bears, weblos and a cub scout or two. The tigers (1st grade) are in the front in orange and Aidan is on the left side end. Dad went with Emily to her troop Christmas party last night - I got her for caroling at a nursing home last Monday night.

Yikes - need to print out kids pictures too so I can mail out the Christmas cards. Better go do that first!


  1. Your TATW is coming along very quickly! You are so busy...I am tired. ;) Sometimes I am happy my kids are grown but more often I do miss it and all the hustle and bustle.

  2. Oh what a pretty trip by hand! Love the colors...hugs, Julierose

  3. Wow! Really fast progress on the Trip Around the World block. So much car loop time put to good use.

  4. Your TATW is so pretty! I love that handcrafted name piece.

  5. Glad your pets passed inspection... good luck with the one that needs to drop a little weight. It is hard to feed separately.. or was for me when we had an issue with our dog. I love your TATW.. would make a cute pillow to put with your more scrappy version in a throw or something I think! More to think of while you are stitching in the car line :) Love the artwork you got... that is VERY COOL! Hope you got your Christmas cards out... you should be in the spirit for it after all those carols you have been listening too :) Kathi